Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber | Newark, IL

Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber | Newark, IL

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The plumbing system is the source of many modern conveniences of everyday life. Unfortunately, the plumbing system can also be a source of stress and malfunction. Well-maintained plumbing systems will have fewer malfunctions than neglected ones. However, even with regular maintenance, serious malfunctions are not always avoidable. In the case of a serious plumbing malfunction, contact a professional emergency plumber for immediate service. The faster you repair a serious plumbing malfunction the less damage will occur. If you are in need of an emergency plumber and live in the Newark, IL, area, contact the staff at Just In Time for urgent service today.

Recognizing the Signs of an Impending Plumbing Disaster

When it comes to serious plumbing malfunction early detection and repair can help save you money and prevent damages. The key to early detection is to know what to look for. By understanding the causes of some common, but serious plumbing malfunctions, you can catch them early and prevent a disaster. You may or may not be susceptible to the following plumbing malfunctions depending on the type of plumbing system you have and the kinds of plumbing appliances you own. If you recognize signs of a possible plumbing malfunction, contact an emergency plumber for urgent inspection and repair.


Clogs are common plumbing malfunctions. These malfunctions may not seem serious or urgent at first, however, they can quickly turn into something disastrous without professional attention. If your drains are clogged you should always opt to go the professional route for repair and clog removal. Over-the-counter clog removers such as Draino can actually be damaging to the pipes and lead to other malfunctions in the futr\ure. Over-the-counter drain cleaners are not always thorough either. The best way to clear your drains is through a licensed and reliable plumber. If you know something has gone down your drains that do not belong, it will cause a clog and you will need to contact an emergency plumber.

Professionally removing a clog before it becomes a serious issue will help you save money and prevent damages from occurring. Professional clog removal typically consists of using a pipe camera and auger. A regular drain cleaning service may consist of a hydro-jet, which is essentially a device that releases water at high velocities in order to remove debris. If neither of these methods works, a manual clog removal will be required which can be costly. To avoid stubborn clogs, contact an emergency plumber as soon as clogging becomes an issue. If you live in or around the Newark, IL, area, and are in need of clog removal, contact the staff at Just in time to hire a reliable emergency plumber today.

Water Heater Failure

Older and neglected water heating appliances will experience more malfunction and fault than newer well-maintained ones. It is imperative to have your water heater serviced by a professional plumber on a regular basis to prevent common malfunctions such as leaks and sediment build-up from occurring.

Water heaters last anywhere from 9 to 12 years on average. Proper appliance maintenance can extend the lifespan of this appliance and neglect tends to shorten it. Older water heaters may need more maintenance to continue running efficiently and to prevent malfunctions. Once your water heater reaches a certain age it may be more beneficial to simply have it replaced instead of waiting for it to malfunction. Having your water heater at least once a year can prevent your water heater from experiencing serious malfunctions.

If your water heater springs a leak or simply stops working for some reason, contact your local emergency plumber for urgent repair. If your water heater tank springs a leak you will have to have it replaced completely. If you live in or around the area and are in need of water heater installation, contact the staff at Just in Time for urgent plumbing service.


Leaks are common plumbing problems that can be very difficult to predict. The best way to prevent leaks from occurring is by hiring a reliable plumbing company to perform preventive maintenance checks on your plumbing systems from time to time. If it is determined your piping is old or in bad shape, your preventive maintenance plumber may suggest the replacement of those pipes. Home repiping is an extensive project for a home to undergo, however, you can repair your home’s plumbing system section by section to prevent a major construction project.

If a leak does occur it is important you contact a plumber for urgent service. The key to preventing damage from leaks is swift and accurate repair. Hiring a licensed and reputable plumber for leak repair will help ensure the root of the leak is found and fixed, This will ensure further leaks do not occur. Leaks can also lead to water damage. The sooner a leak is patched up, the sooner you can focus on reversing any water damage that has occurred.

Basement Flooding

Basement plumbing is a common problem in homes in the US. Flooding in basements happens for a variety of reasons, and there are several ways to fix the issue. Did you know that plumbing was one of them? Sump pumps of plumbing devices are placed inside basements in case of water entering the basement. Sump pump appliances redirect the water on the basement floor back to the ground outside. If you already own a sump pump and it isn’t working, contact your local emergency plumber for urgent service. Flooding basements can lead to mold, insect infestations, water damage, and other disasters.

Serious plumbing malfunctions can be difficult to predict. Preventive maintenance can reduce chances for serious malfunctions to occur but will not eliminate them. When a plumbing malfunction does occur, it is best to leave it to professionals for repair. Neglecting a plumbing malfunction can cause more damage to occur. If you are in need of an emergency plumber and live in the Newark, IL, area, contact the staff at Just in Time for emergency plumbing repair and maintenance services.