Signs Your Air Ducts Need An Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley, IL

Signs Your Air Ducts Need An Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley, IL

Although your HVAC system comprises many components, the air ducts are probably the most significant. They circulate the conditioned air to different parts of our home. Therefore, they are vital in ensuring that your home is effectively cooled or heated. Hence, they directly contribute to the comfort of your indoor space. Additionally, they are an essential component of your air conditioning system.

Should the air ducts spring a leak, you might start noticing various signs, as you will see below. However, the largest problem is probably the loss of energy. When your air ducts leak, the heated or cooled air will escape before reaching the indoor space. The extra effort to ensure your home is cooled results in more wear and tear. Therefore, you may be forced to prematurely replace some parts of your HVAC system. Insulating and sealing the air ducts and having a regular air conditioning service is the best way to prevent any leakages. So, how can you know that the air ducts are leaking?

The AC Appears to Impact the Indoor Air Quality at Your Home

If the air ducts have a leakage, they may spread mold and fumes that might affect your family’s respiratory health. If the air ducts are leaky, they will push air from outside into your home. Should mold and mildew develop on the air filter or within the air ducts, there is a high likelihood that they will be blown into your home.

The leaking air ducts may also pull air from the walls and basement and distribute it to various other parts of your indoor space. Hence, should you notice a musty smell from your home, have a reliable air conditioning service come over for a further inspection. The problem might prove extensive, particularly if you have stored paint thinners and pesticides in your home.

Such products release fumes that might be absorbed by the leaky air ducts and circulated to other parts of your home. Consequently, they will have an impact on the health and respiratory well-being of your family. Fortunately, you could prevent all this by having a routine air conditioning service by a professional. They will be able to inspect the ducts, identify the affected part, and seal it to ensure that your home is efficiently cooled.

Uneven Cooling of Your Home

Have you noticed that some areas of your home aren’t cooled or are at different temperatures, and you haven’t affected zoning? If some rooms of your home never cool even when your air conditioning system is running, there might be a problem with your air conditioning system. This is especially because your air conditioning system is supposed to evenly distribute cooled air to different parts or rooms when it is running. Further, all rooms at your Hinckley, IL home should be evenly cooled if you haven’t implemented some temperature zoning.

However, if your home is unevenly cooled, that is a telltale sign of leaking air ducts as there can be. It is a reason enough to invite an air conditioning service provider. The leakages stop the already cooled air from getting into various rooms of your home. Therefore, when you notice some rooms are not cooled and others are cooled more than others, it might be time to have an air conditioning service technician come over and inspect the unit. If they detect leaks, they will use their experience to patch them.

Your AC Makes Your Home Dusty

Have you noticed that you have to clean or dust your home more often than earlier? Finding dust in some homes isn’t uncommon. An average home accumulates about 40lbs of dust every year. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned because you have seen extra dust accumulating in your home. However, this doesn’t mean that dust will be all over immediately a few days after you have dusted your upholstery and curtains.

If you notice dust all over your home on utensils, walls, furniture, and other objects at your Hinckley, IL home, that should start worrying you. If the air ducts are leaky, your home may get dustier than you are used to, as the dust will be entering the air ducts from the walls and other environments and pushed into your living space. If this is the case, have an air conditioning service provider inspect your AC unit to see if there are any leaks.

Higher Energy Utility Bills Than Usual

Do you keep track of your energy utility bills? Have they suddenly increased? When did the increase happen? If it did when the air conditioner was running, that is a sign that your air ducts might be leaking. If this is the case, you should have an air conditioning service provider inspect your unit.

Leaky air ducts are just one of many factors that could cause your air conditioner to run for extensive periods to cool your house. The amount of air lost every time the AC forces air into faulty ductwork reduces the cooling effectiveness. As a result, you will experience longer cooling periods. This is among the reasons why routine air conditioning services are essential.

Frequent Repairs

Do you have to repair your air conditioner frequently? That may be because of its age. If this is the case, you should maybe start planning its replacement. But if the air conditioner is fairly new and has started needing frequent repairs, that should be a cause for concern. It may be a sign that the air ducts have a leakage, a reason enough to have an air conditioning service.

Let’s Patch Those Leaky Air Ducts

Have you noticed either of the signs above? That indicates that your air conditioning unit might have leaky air ducts. This will result in many issues down the line and even take a toll on your Hinckley, IL, home’s comfort. For professional and reliable AC services that ensure your air ducts are properly functioning, contact us at Just In Time.

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