Six Problems That Require Air Conditioning Services | Earlville, IL

Six Problems That Require Air Conditioning Services | Earlville, IL

Your air conditioner is a complicated appliance that has many components that work interchangeably in order to decrease the indoor temperature in your home. If any of the components are faulty then you are in need of air conditioning services. Just In Time in Earlville, IL would like to share with you the six problems that will require air conditioning repairs. It is recommended to have a licensed technician resolve these problems so that you don’t have to worry about them in the future.

#1 Moisture Pooling Around the Unit

You might be wondering why there is water or liquid pooling around your air conditioner unit. One of the main reasons for this vault is that the drain pan is damaged or there is a clog in the drain that allows the water to move from your air conditioner. If you notice that there is water around your air conditioner then you should contact an air conditioning service provider to inspect your unit and determine the cause of the water pooling around your air conditioner. If the liquid is bright green or yellow then you should call a service provider like Just In Time in Earlville, IL because the refrigerant is leaking. The refrigerant is toxic and if it is left unchecked then your system will be damaged and it can be hazardous to your health.

#2 Thermostat Issues

If your home’s thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can affect your air conditioner’s performance. A qualified technician can test the thermostat and see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. If it’s time for a new thermostat, there are some options that can help you save money on your energy bills. Programmable thermostats used to be the only way to save money, but now more advanced options are available. Smart thermostats work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, so you can control the temperature with your voice when you’re home. And since you can adjust the thermostat even when you’re not home, you can save money on your energy bills. Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection. So if you want to save money on your energy bills, you can adjust the thermostat anytime, anywhere.

#3 The Air Conditioner Produces Warm Air

If your air conditioner produces warm air, you may need to call an AC service. This is a common issue if the thermostat isn’t set correctly. Check the thermostat before calling a professional. First, make sure it is set to cooling mode. Next, check the fan setting. If the fan is on, it will continue running between cycles and you will feel warm air from the vents. The fan should be set to auto. Finally, check the temperature setting. If it isn’t warmer in the house than the temperature setting, the unit won’t produce cold air. If your thermostat is set correctly and you’re still having issues, it’s time to schedule an appointment for AC service. There are a few issues that can cause your AC unit to produce warm air and a professional will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. The evaporator coils in your air conditioner are essential for keeping your home cool and comfortable. These coils work by extracting heat from your home and creating condensation. This condensation can sometimes cause the coils to freeze, which prevents them from doing their job properly. Your AC unit needs refrigerant in order to produce cold air. If there is a leak, the refrigerant will escape and there won’t be enough left to do its job. Additionally, having little to no refrigerant in your AC unit can cause further damage. For these reasons, it’s always best to call an air conditioning service as soon as you notice a problem. The sooner you make the call, the sooner your home will be back to being cool and comfortable again.

#4 Strange Sounds

If your AC unit starts making any strange noises, it’s important to call an air conditioning service right away. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. Banging sounds may indicate a broken or loose part, while constant clicking could be an electrical or thermostat issue. If you hear a high-pitched squealing noise, this means there is high pressure in the AC unit, which is very dangerous. Shut off the unit immediately and don’t turn it back on until the problem is resolved.

#5 Poor Airflow

If you find that the airflow from your AC vent in Arlington, TX is weak, it’s important to schedule an appointment for air conditioning service right away. Poor airflow makes it difficult for your air conditioner to keep your home cool, and will result in increased energy bills as the AC unit has to work harder. Additionally, when your air conditioner works harder it puts strain on the unit, which decreases its lifespan and may cause you to have to replace it sooner than necessary. Because of all these potential issues, it’s best to call an AC service as soon as you notice a problem with airflow. If your home’s air ducts are damaged, it can affect the quality of the air inside your home. A professional in air conditioning service can repair or replace the ducts, ensuring that your home has adequate airflow and safe air quality.

There are six signs that you are in need of air conditioning services. If you are struggling to find a service provider in Earlville, IL to fix your air conditioner then have a look at Just In Time as they provide a wide range of air conditioning services that you could benefit from.

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