Solar Water Heater Not Heating The Water? Causes Explained By A Reliable Plumber Near Me | Hinckley, IL

Solar Water Heater Not Heating The Water? Causes Explained By A Reliable Plumber Near Me | Hinckley, IL

Have you just discovered that your residential solar heater is suddenly not working? Or are you asking yourself, why am I not getting heated water from my solar water heater? Like any other unit, your solar water heater also can run into issues that could make heating the water near impossible. Just because it uses solar energy doesn’t mean that your unit is immune to other problems that face electrically powered water heaters. So, why wouldn’t your solar water heater not work? Below are the top reasons and how a plumber near me in Hinckley, IL can help:

Wrong Settings

Modern solar panels are shipped with digital controllers that regulate when the electrical booster should kick in and up to what temperatures your water should be heated. The electrical booster comes in handy whenever there’s not enough heat from the sun. As a result, if the controller settings aren’t in line with the requirements, you won’t get sufficient hot water when needed.

But how can you know that it is time to call a plumber near me to reconfigure the settings on your solar water heater? If there is hot water on sunny/hot days but no hot water or lukewarm water during the cold day, there is a slow recovery rate, and there’s hot water in the pipes at random times of the day. Fortunately, this is something that you could be able to address by reading the water heater manual and resetting the right values.

Some homeowners tend to set the unit with the wrong operating instructions to heat the water faster. That will only damage the system and lack of hot water. However, it is recommended that you call a plumber near me to tune up your appliance settings professionally. They may inspect other components to ensure water is heated to preferred temperatures.

Wrong Installation

Aesthetics are a major concern among many homeowners. For this reason, you will find that water heater tanks are installed in out-of-sight locations. However, this doesn’t mean that installation instructions shouldn’t be followed, and your reliable plumber near me in Hinckley, IL clearly understands the solar water heater installation requirements. If you are installing the unit yourself or have hired a novice, chances are that you could end up with the wrong installation.

Today, many people claim to be solar water heater installation experts. Finding an experienced technician to work with apprentices on your job isn’t uncommon. However, you should ensure that the apprentices work under the supervision of an experienced plumber near me. Further, ensure that the plumbing company you hire

is licensed and reputable. The last thing you want is to avoid ending up with the wrong installation. For instance, inexperienced technicians could wrongfully connect the piping between the tank and the panel, meaning that the solar panel will not be heating the water.

Another factor determining the availability of hot water from your solar water heater is the distance the hot water travels. An experienced plumber near me knows that the distance should be as short as possible. This reduces the heat loss between the heater, the hot water faucet, and the shower. The professional will also insulate the pipes to reduce heat loss. Next time you want to hire a water heater repair technician, ensure that you conduct enough research.

Wrong Location or Orientation of Roof

Here, the location refers to the location within your compound. Are the water heater solar panels covered by a shade most of the day? Is the roof’s orientation in such a manner that the solar panels are on the opposite side of sunlight most of the time? Where the solar panels are located is critical in ensuring that the water heater is functioning efficiently. Direct solar irradiation is necessary for optimal performance, and your reliable plumber near me understands this.

If you live in an area that hardly receives hot temperatures, installing a solar water heater isn’t the best option. However, this isn’t to be taken to mean that all forms of solar water heaters aren’t applicable. Solar PV can still be used if you’re receiving sunlight. Remember that solar water heaters trap the ambient heat, whereas solar PV captures the light and converts it into electrical energy.

Geographically speaking, if you are in an area where you hardly receive high temperatures, there may be better solutions than solar water heating. The following is not meant to exclude all forms of solar. As long as you receive light, you can use Solar PV. The difference between solar water heaters and solar photovoltaics is that solar water heaters trap the captured ambient heat, while solar photovoltaics convert sunlight into electricity.

Low-Quality Equipment

There are many solar water heaters manufacturers out there, meaning that these appliances are of different qualities. Unfortunately, every manufacturer will advertise their product as of the highest quality. Hence, choosing a suitable unit is a challenge. However, you can consult your plumber near me in Hinckley, IL or contact other homeowners for referrals. Never blindly purchase a unit because a vendor has explained the advantages of owning one. Instead, conduct your research, talk with homeowners with a solar water heater, listen to manufacturers, and make an informed judgment.

Wrong Sizing

Solar water heater tanks are of varying sizes and shapes. They aren’t a one-size fits all solution. Hence, you should have a plumber near me assess your home’s hot water needs to determine the solar water heater tank size. Otherwise, you might have a too-large tank that costs you a fortune or a too-small unit that cannot hold enough hot water for your use. Additionally, have them install the unit to ensure that you have an optimally working water heater.

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