The Importance Of Routine Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley IL

The Importance Of Routine Air Conditioning Service | Hinckley IL

What Are the Components of Great Air Conditioning Service?

Great service, great value, and great people are the key ingredients in our company’s success, providing air conditioning service in Hinckley, IL and the local area. We’re Just in Time, where you can find the industry’s most capable professionals, with decades of experience in HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance. We’re up to date with the latest HVAC technologies and service equipment. Our AC service professionals can step up to handle your new variable-speed compressor systems and other innovations. Our team receives thorough ongoing training as well, so we’re well prepared when we arrive to do the work you need. Of course, before we start we provide up-front pricing, so you know what’s being done and the cost involved. When it’s time to replace your cooling, heating, and plumbing systems, we offer free estimates as well. Customer loyalty means a lot to us, it’s the foundation of our business. Every day is a new opportunity to earn your trust and your business. Here are some examples of air conditioning services we provide as part of our “great service, great value, and great people” way of doing business.

Planning Is Key for Cost-Effective Air Conditioning Service

An important difference with our air conditioning service is that we offer cost-benefit analysis as well as repairs, maintenance, and new equipment installation. It’s important to know how effective your AC system is at providing the cooling you need, and whether there are any changes that you can invest in to improve your performance. Insulation in your home can help, but also strategically insulating your ductwork, especially if it passes through hot areas like your attic. Our team can provide insights that help your cooling budget go further, and also help you get more comfortable at home during summer heat.

Timely Air Conditioning Service and Well-Prepared Technicians

Our technicians are well-trained and experienced so they get right to the heart of the matter when you call. They arrive on schedule, valuing your time as a customer, and bring with them the tools and parts that are required for most common air conditioning service needs. The refrigerant testing equipment and leak sniffer, for example, can make quick work of what are otherwise invisible problems with your AC’s coils. Having fan motors and belts handy can get cool air flowing again when your system is running, but can’t get the cool where you can feel it. Of course, air filter replacement is a common part of air conditioning service, both maintenance and repairs, because many homeowners don’t realize how important keeping the filter clean can be. If we respond to a call where the evaporator coils are iced up, chances are there’s a clogged filter involved. We’ll carefully de-ice the coils so we don’t damage them, using professional skills and techniques, and make sure the airflow is all right, checking the filter and also the fans and ducts, including intakes. Many of our repairs calls involve common problems like these, but we know that there can be multiple issues contributing to your cooling problems, and we’re thorough in our diagnosis and repair.

When Your AC Is Working Well, But You’re Still Not as Comfortable as You’d Like

If you’re reaching the right temperature when your AC is on, but you’re wondering if you should set it lower, humidity can be part of the problem. Traditional air conditioning systems remove some humidity from the air, but it depends a lot on how much they run. If your Hinckley, IL home stays cool without frequent boosts from the AC, it could stay humid as well. That’s why many homes have humidity control as well, and why we offer dehumidifiers and other add-ons as part of our comfort and breathability options. Our air conditioning experts can explain how they work, basically like the dehumidifier you may have to keep your basement dry and free of mold and other growth. Whole-house units attach to your ducts, and the water they remove drains away to your plumbing system or another appropriate destination so you don’t have to worry about dumping the bucket as you do on many standalone units. Our HEPA filters are convenient as well, replacing room-based units and all the individual filters you have to shop for and replace on a regular basis. Your whole house gets the benefit of sub-micro filtration, which can really help make your home air more breathable. Air purifiers remove other pollutants from indoor air, including airborne chemicals and allergens. Germicidal UV lamps, like those used in foodservice and medical settings, neutralize pathogens so they can’t land and grow in any hospitable locations in your home, getting bacteria, viruses, and even mold out of circulation. Indoor air can be full of material circulating over and over, up to five times as bad as outdoor air, which is why we install and service these add-ons for our customers.

Expert Maintenance Has Many Benefits for Your Budget and Convenience

For our air conditioning service team, a customer visit for AC maintenance is a chance to provide convenient care that helps avoid summer breakdowns. If we notice a component that will need service soon, such as a fan motor that’s struggling to keep up, we can recommend the repair at a convenient time. We also provide thorough cleaning and inspection of your AC system, which can boost performance and efficiency that you’d thought you’d lost as the unit got older. Sometimes, it’s just the dirt and debris blowing into the unit outside that’s making it work harder, and you can even get more life out of it when it’s running smoothly again. The same goes for refrigerant checks and replacement when needed, which help protect your compressor as well.

Expert AC Care in Hinckley, IL

Great Service, Great Value, and Great People at Just in Time keep our Hinckley, IL customers happy with cost-effective AC care by highly trained, experienced professionals. Call us to help you expertly manage your home’s comfort!

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