Things To Consider Before An Air Conditioner Installation | Newark, IL

Things To Consider Before An Air Conditioner Installation | Newark, IL

Air conditioning is essential during the hot summer months to keep your home cool and comfortable. Without an AC, it can get hotter in your house than outside, putting your family at risk for heat-related issues.

If you’re currently using window units, you may want to consider installing a central air conditioning system. Window units are designed to cool just one room, while central air cools the entire house. Also, window units must be installed at the beginning of the cooling season and removed at the end to prevent the cold air outside from coming in. Window units are heavy, and installing and removing the units can be challenging. Also, with central air, you won’t need to find a place to store the units.

If you’re considering a central air conditioner installation, there are several things you have to consider before the project starts.

#1 How Much Can You Spend?

Before the installation, you’ll need to figure out how much money you have to spend on the project. You’ll need to consider the cost of the unit, the installation cost, and the cost to install new ductwork or repair the existing ductwork. You can look up the average prices online. Still, if you want to know the actual costs, a professional in air conditioner installation can give you a dollar amount, allowing you to create an accurate budget.

#2 What Size Unit Will You Need?

The unit size is essential in two different ways. First, you’ll need to measure the area you plan to install the unit and compare it with the dimensions of the air conditioner you intend to purchase. If the space isn’t large enough, you’ll need to choose a smaller unit or find a larger area to install the unit.

You also must consider the size of your home. If you buy a unit that’s too small for your home’s square footage, it won’t keep your house cool, and the unit will have to work harder, causing your energy bills to increase. If you install a unit that’s too large for your house, it will cycle too frequently and won’t remove the humidity from your home effectively.

Determining the correct size can be challenging, and a professional in air conditioner installation in Newark, IL, can help.

#3 Do You Need a High-Quality Unit?

It’s best to choose a higher-quality unit for your air conditioner installation. High-quality units last longer and require fewer repairs than lower-quality units. Although high-quality units are more expensive, you can save money on repair costs, and you won’t need to replace the unit as soon as a low-quality unit, saving money in the long run.

#4 How Much Energy Will the Unit Consume?

Energy consumption is an essential consideration when installing a central air conditioning system. You don’t want to buy a unit that consumes a lot of energy because your summer electric bills will increase.

All air conditioners have an EER rating that tells you how energy-efficient the unit is. The EER ratings range from 8.5 to 14, and the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit will be. Units with higher EER ratings are more expensive but will save money throughout the unit’s lifespan.

If you have trouble finding a unit with a suitable EER rating that works with your budget, an air conditioner installation professional in Newark, IL, can help you choose a unit that will keep your energy costs down.

#5 Do You Have Existing Ductwork?

Ductwork is a significant consideration before an air conditioner installation. The ducts are responsible for delivering cool air to the vents throughout your home. If there has never been a central air conditioning system in your home, you’ll need to have the ductwork installed. If the former owners once had central air, the ducts may not be in the best condition and may require repair or resealing.

If you need a quote for new ductwork, a professional in air conditioner installation can help. The same is true if you need to have the existing ductwork inspected to determine the condition and if it must be repaired.

#6 Where Will You Install the Outdoor Compressor?

There’s more to choosing a location to install the outdoor compressor than pointing to an area of the yard. It’s best to install the compressor in a shaded area to prevent the sun from beating down on it because it can overheat and shut down, preventing the system from producing cold air. You also want to choose an area of the yard with no plants and shrubs nearby that can grow too close to the compressor’s fan, causing damage.

Fortunately, a professional in air conditioner installation in Newark, IL, can help you select the perfect location for the compressor.

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