Trendy Bathroom Upgrades For Your Home From Your Plumbing Company | Hinckley, IL

Trendy Bathroom Upgrades For Your Home From Your Plumbing Company | Hinckley, IL

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Bathroom remodeling is a project that improves the look and value of your home. A bathroom is the most private and personal room in every home. Every homeowner uses a bathroom frequently, thus it’s important to make the space more pleasing and comfortable.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, you should consider incorporating luxurious features to boost the functionality and comfort of the room. You may want to change colors, plumbing fixtures, or lighting.

You can seek advice from a certified plumbing company in Hinckley, IL, to ensure you get upgrades that fit your needs. If you plan to sell your home, incorporating new bathroom features can boost the home’s resale value.

Most prospective buyers would want attractive and functional bathrooms. Although bathroom upgrades may require a little investment, they offer luxurious benefits and greater returns on investment. Are you looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? Here are some design ideas you should consider for your bathroom.

Plumbing Fixtures

If the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom are old, you may need a plumbing company to replace them. Having old and outdated fixtures makes the room look outdated. Old faucets are prone to leaking and can result in water wastage and high water bills.

Showerheads also get old, rusty, and clogged over time, and that’s why you should consider replacing the showerhead more often. It feels so nice having a warm shower when there is adequate pressure and great water flow.

Plumbing experts in Hinckley, IL, recommend homeowners replace showerheads every six to eight months. Buying new faucets and showerheads will make the space look pleasing and increase the value of your home.

Textured Tiles on Shower Floors

When planning for a bathroom makeover, you’ll have to change flooring, tiles, and walls. The floor tiles you choose will determine the safety of your bathroom. Consider small, textured floor tiles. The texture and grouting can prevent you from slipping when the floor gets wet and soapy.

Some floor tiles are easy to clean, resistant to molds, stains, and humidity. Plumbing experts recommend homeowners install ceramic or porcelain tiles. They work well with the shower because they are waterproof and long-lasting.

If you want to have a more luxurious comfort in your bathroom, you can ask plumbing experts to install floor heating. Investing in them can add value to your home and reduce heating costs as they heat the space. Stepping on a warm bathroom floor during cold seasons can be a great feeling.


The best way to improve or upgrade a bathroom that does not offer the kind of glow you want is to update lighting fixtures. Consider changing your existing lights to become dimmer.

If you like having a leisure bath, it won’t be much fun to bathe in bright light. However, dimmer lights give you the mood you need to have a long and enjoyable bath.

You should add recessed lights next to the bathroom mirror to provide you with adequate lighting when applying makeup, doing your hair, shaving, and other self-care tasks that require much light. Additionally, having lighting inside the shower than around it makes it more pleasing and safer.

Incorporate Storage Solutions

Most homeowners, at some point, have found themselves stuck in the shower because they forgot to pick the towel from the closet. If this has happened to you, you will understand the importance of having a storage space in the bathroom.

Even if the room is small, you can secure a space for storage. Having one will allow you to arrange all your cosmetics and other bathroom essentials in one place.

You can either have open or closed storage. Also, you can put hooks, baskets, shelves, or cabinets if you have sufficient space.

Work with technicians from a professional plumbing company to make these upgrades in your home. With a storage solution, you will always have a convenient place to keep your towels, grooming products, and cosmetics.

Hidden Tanks and Low-Flow Toilets

Toilets with hidden tanks have a water storage tank mounted behind the wall. They can be an option for homeowners with small bathrooms because they do not require much space for installation.

These toilets also fit well into modern bathroom designs. However, you may need regular maintenance checks by an experienced plumbing expert because the inner fixtures are not easily accessible if a problem arises.

If you consider low-flow toilets, you can save water per flush. Toilets waste a lot of water, accounting for about 30 percent of indoor water usage. Inefficient toilets can use up to six gallons of water in every flush. When renovating your bathroom, hire a professional from a reputable plumbing company to install modern toilets in your home.

These models use 1.28 per flush, which is 20 percent less than the current federal standard of 1.6 gallons in every flush. They also have a dual flush feature, which gives users a low flow option to flush for liquid waste and a regular flush for solid waste.

Ventilation Fan

Even though ventilation may not be an exciting feature when making bathroom renovations, improving the air quality should be an important consideration. The vent fan draws humidity and odors to keep the space fresh. It also prevents mold and mildew formation. Working with a professional plumbing company will guarantee correct installation.

Some homeowners may also opt for windows if they want to have natural light inside the bathroom. Windows also keeps the room fresh and saves energy because you do not have to turn on lights if the outside light is sufficient.

Keep Main Fixtures Neutral

When remodeling your bathroom, you would want to invest in fixtures with colors that you like. Plumbing company experts advise homeowners to select neutral colors for main fixtures, including sinks, tubs, and showers.

Some colors fade or become outdated with time. Such products are also expensive and can cost you more if you choose to replace them when you do not like them anymore. Experts from a plumbing company will help you select bathroom fixtures to ensure you pick the right options.

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