We have all been enjoying the spring weather with our windows open, but soon the temperature outside will require us to turn on our air conditioner. Fortunately, unlike in Game of Thrones, summer is coming!

You will want to be sure that your system is working not only the first time you need it, but every time you turn it on this summer. Now is the perfect time to check your air conditioner for any issues and to see if they are simple fixes or if you will need professional help.

Here are some steps you can take to inspect your air conditioning system.
  1. Take a look at your thermostat. Is it outdated? We can install a newer, programmable thermostat that can save you money and energy. You can even change the temperature from your phone!

  2. Check exposed duct work. Any flaws can result in cooling loss and make your home less energy efficient.

  3. Make sure your air vents are clear of any blockages such as curtains, furniture, or toys.

  4. Change out your air filter. You can save money by keeping changing your air filter as often as the manufacturer recommends it.

  5. Be sure the power is turned ‘on’ at the furnace and AC unit.

  6. Inspect the outdoor condenser and make sure there are no blockages in or near the equipment. Clean the area around the unit as well. Dead leaves and other debris can affect performance.

  7. Your refrigerant lines should be insulated. If the insulation is not intact, you will need to contact a professional to repair the insulation or replace the lines.

  8. Call a professional if you see any wear in your outdoor electrical wiring as well! Have the wiring fixed BEFORE you turn your AC on.

  9. Is it time for your air conditioner to be retired? Units have a life span even when they are properly maintained. We can help! Give us a call for an
    estimate on new equipment.

Don’t turn on your air conditioner without giving it a full once-over! Call Just In Time if you see anything that needs to be replaced or repaired. Have peace of mind when you use your AC unit this summer by having us take a look at it for you!