Turning To Your Plumbing Company For New Remodeling, Repair, And Upgrade Ideas | Big Rock, IL

Turning To Your Plumbing Company For New Remodeling, Repair, And Upgrade Ideas | Big Rock, IL

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Unless you keep up with the home improvement business on a regular basis, you may not know how many new plumbing options there are for your home. Some features add convenience, others efficiency, and still, others provide new functionality that can make your kitchen or bathroom a very different place. As your expert plumbing company, at Just in Time we keep up to date on plumbing standards and technology, and we’re full of ideas as well as being the ones to call for your plumbing repair and emergency needs in Big Rock, IL.

Water-Saving Features

Technology brings us comfort and luxury along with efficiency these days. Our plumbing company can install toilets with selectable flush volume and flush mechanisms that charge up a blast of cleaning power using water pressure, then jet a reduced volume of water for an equally effective flush. Faucet controls can help you turn the flow on or off easily with a wave of the hand or other simple motion. This allows you to get the water you need without a complex series of knob twists or just leaving the water to flow until you’re done. In the kitchen, how about a faucet that knows how to dispense the right amount of water to fill a pasta pot? That provides water savings and also helps you multitask when you’re preparing dinner. Dishwasher cycles are now designed to get results with a minimum of water use, and the same is true of modern clothes washers. Even garbage disposals, that need enough water flow to avoid getting jammed, can be more effective at processing food waste so less water is needed to move it down the drain.

Enjoying Your Routines More

If there’s a part of your daily routine that you particularly enjoy such as an evening bath or an invigorating morning shower, an energetic cooking session on the weekend, or a glass of ice water, let our plumbing company help make it perfect. We can connect your fridge’s ice maker to the water line or install a separate one supplying enough ice for parties. There are plenty of luxurious bath controls and amazing showers that provide spring rain from above, 360-degree coverage, or whatever helps you wake up and take on the day. A localized tankless water heater can save time and make your bath or shower perfect since you won’t have to wait for the water to run up the pipes from your main water heater. Bathroom and kitchen sinks with convenient electronic touch-free or even voice controls can simplify your routines, while top-quality dishwashers and garbage disposals help you do everything right. Double sinks are great for the kitchen, but what about couples’ sinks for the bathroom? If you have a traffic jam in the morning, that might be the answer.

Special Features for Special People

If you have residents in your home or frequent visitors who are seniors or have special needs, our plumbing company can install water faucets, toilets, even showers and bathtubs specially designed for safety and convenience when the user has special challenges. Grab bars are an important part of bathrooms upgraded for safety, allowing people to stay stable in the shower and rise confidently from the toilet seat. Long-handled sink controls, touchless ones that respond to the wave of a hand, and even voice-operated controls allow everyone equal access to hand washing, tooth brushing, and more. Ask our plumbing company professionals for ideas that can help your family and visitors live better.

Technology for Troubleshooting

When you call our plumbing company for a suspected leak in the walls, ceiling, or floor, or underneath your concrete slab or foundation, we have good news. In the past, hunting for a leak involved experience and knowledge to find the source, which may be far from where the water appears on the outside of the wall. It could flow down the pipe some distance, gathering and loosening plaster or wallpaper. In those days, plumbers had to cut through the wall or, in the case of slab leaks, through the concrete until they found the source. These days, we have equipment that can help us listen for the sounds of water escaping from the pipe, even in tiny flows before the problem gets significant, and also let us know the approximate distance from our test point to the leak itself.

Technology often saves time as well as wall and slab repair costs. Our plumbing company also has great diagnostic solutions using tiny video cameras. They allow us to explore drain pipes to identify the cause and location, check drain and water supply pipe condition from the inside, and perhaps most importantly, look inside your main sewer line to identify any clogs as well as the general condition of the line, allowing us to offer more options for sewer line repair.

Simpler Solutions for Big Problems

Video plus small robotic repair units and other equipment offer new ways to patch and re-line sewer pipes, often allowing the homeowner to avoid a full pipe replacement and all the costs and disruptions that involve. These new repair technologies usually have similar life expectancies to a new pipe, making the repair decision less complicated. We also have high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment that provides amazing drain cleaning and sewer maintenance results when used by trained personnel.

Smart Homes and Plumbing Features

Ask us about the growing number of “smart home” plumbing features that are available to control and monitor your home. One in particular that we recommend is wireless leak detection for basements, children’s bathrooms, and laundry. It provides quick notification by smartphone or alarm when water damage threatens.

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