Types Of Whole House Water Filtration Systems From Your Local Plumber | Hinckley, IL

Types Of Whole House Water Filtration Systems From Your Local Plumber | Hinckley, IL

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You need a qualified and experienced plumber to install a whole house water filtration system to ensure you have clean, healthy, and quality water flowing from all the faucets in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, and yard. Clean and filtered water is vital for showerheads and washing machines to prevent the buildup of sediments, salts, and other impediments.

The contracted plumber installs the whole house water filtration system at the point where the municipal line enters your home. The filters treat the water entering your home, removing all the contaminants. When considering the type of filtration unit to purchase for your home, you should bear in mind the source of your water.

Municipal water requires different types of filters compared to water from a well. Several water filters perform diverse functions by eliminating contaminants. The following are some of the whole house water filtration systems you might consider for your residence.

Sediment Filter

One of the numerous types of whole house water filtration systems is the sediment filter. Water flowing to your home in Hinckley, IL, is prone to have sediments such as dirt, sand, rust particles, and clay. Without a smooth running filter, they are susceptible to clog the plumbing systems in your home over time.

Having a plumber connect a sediment filter at the point of entry of water pipes helps remove all the sediments from the water, reducing the probability of plumbing issues such as expensive repairs, damaged appliances, and decreased water pressure.

The sediment filter also purifies turbidity, which is cloudiness in the water. It has tiny pores that mechanically filter out the sediments from the water supply line. An expert plumbing service will install the sediment filter as the first line of defense for the other whole house filters to get rid of particles that might compromise the smooth running of different filtration systems.

Ultraviolet Purification Systems

Another type of whole house water filtration unit is the ultraviolet purifier. It is responsible for removing all living organisms in the water entering your home, making it safe and healthy for drinking and cooking. The purification system filters all bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses that cause diseases from the well and municipal water.

The ultraviolet filters are preferable for drinking water because they don’t use chemicals and rarely wastewater. With accurate installation by a trained plumber, the filter destroys living organisms, making them unable to reproduce and cause diseases. Before water passes through the ultraviolet whole house filtration system, it should be from the sediment filtration units to avert dirt and contaminants from shielding microscopic organisms.

Therefore, the plumbing professional should install the ultraviolet whole house water filters after the sediment-water filtration systems to increase its peak performance in neutralizing almost all the viruses, bacteria, and fungi from your home water supply.

Carbon Filters

A qualified plumbing company can also install an activated carbon filter in your home after the ultraviolet filtration system. It has many pores that capture all the chemicals such as chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides from the water supply system through an adsorption process.

The carbon whole house water filters also eliminate the chlorine taste and smell in the water, which is unsettling in most instances. The filtration unit might come in handy in your home if the municipal water has a high chlorine concentration.

The activated catalytic carbon filter installed by a professional plumber also removes chloramines molecules, which are difficult to remove from water. Having clean filtered water free from contaminants gives you and your family the peace of mind they deserve as they drink, cook, clean, and bathe.

Water Softeners

Households in Hinckley, IL, receiving hard water need a whole house water filtration system with water softeners. Hard water has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium minerals that can lead to several plumbing issues. Some of the problems to expect from hard water include clogging, burst pipes, low water pressure, and lack of water from faucets that will require a plumber for repairs and replacements.

It can also make your clothes fade, utensils to have a chalky look and a lot of soap scum. Failure to soften the water, the hard water is likely to shorten the life of your plumbing systems, make your skin dry and itchy, and hair frizzy and dull. Therefore, if you have hard water entering your home, you should invest in a whole house water softener to reduce the risks of costly plumbing repairs, skin and hair issues, fading clothes, and chalky utensils.

If the plumber skillfully installs the water softener filtration system correctly, it will remove all the hardness-causing minerals through ion exchange. When the water with high mineral content encounters resins, it softens the water to your home. With regular maintenance, the whole house water softener can last for a long time.

Acid Neutralizers

Homeowners with wells or boreholes might also want to invest in acid neutralizers to avert severe damages such as corrosion and leakages to water pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Approximately 13 million households in the United States rely on private wells for drinking water. The well water has high concentrations of acids from shallow groundwater with excess chemicals. A hired plumber installs the acid neutralizer tank full of calcite to lower the acidity of the water.

The whole house acid neutralizers reduce the acids in the water, reducing damages resulting from acidic water. Therefore, if your water is acidic, you should buy a whole house water filtration system that neutralizes the pH level in your water to prevent corrosion of pipes.

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Whole-home water filters ensure the water entering your home is free from sediments, microorganisms, chemicals, and salts. They play an essential part in filtering out all types and sizes of water contaminants to ensure you have clean water.

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