Typical Issues Your Plumber Encounters In Old Buildings | Hinckley, IL

Typical Issues Your Plumber Encounters In Old Buildings | Hinckley, IL

Older houses have various complications, especially with the plumbing system. The plumbing industry has made many advances in the last few decades, making it difficult for your old equipment to keep up. Most homeowners with old houses end up paying for costly repairs and replacements from time to time. The following are some typical plumbing issues you will likely encounter if your Hinckley, IL, home is quite old.

Outdated Piping

If your plumber installed the piping 30 years ago, there is a good chance that the pipes were constructed of materials considered outdated today. The three common old-fashioned plumbing pipes are galvanized steel, lead, and polybutylene. The most used material was lead, restricted in the 1920s and banned in 1986. Galvanized steel replaced lead as the most popular until the 1960s. Even though it had a thick zinc coating, it was extremely corrosive, leading to high levels of rust in drinking water.

After galvanized steel was out of fashion, plumbers switched to polybutylene, commonly used in the 80s and 90s. However, polybutylene did not react well with chemicals in municipal water systems, causing them to crack sooner than expected. If you want to improve the piping in your home, call a plumber to install new piping made of PVC, PEX, copper, and CPVC.

Outdated Fixtures

Outdated fixtures are constructed of sturdy materials and overall better than modern-day materials. However, outdated fixtures and connections risk falling apart, causing water damage and inconveniences in your home. Even if the fixtures still operate well, they will eventually erode with time and cause expensive repairs. If your home has old spigots, valves, faucets, and handles, you need to have a plumber change them before something goes wrong.

Bad Repairs

Think of your home like an old car. With age comes issues – so is your home’s plumbing. If your home is old, it probably has seen many repairs in the past. But the question is, who carried out the repairs? It is common for older homes to have DIY repairs instead of a plumbing professional. You can’t exactly tell the amount of care your pipes were given. When you purchase an old house, it is always a good idea to call a plumbing expert for an inspection to check the plumbing system’s condition.

Drain Issues

Have you ever thought of how much soap scum, food, grease, and dirt have gone down your drains? If the dirt has accumulated for 30 years, it will largely affect your home’s drains. Your kitchen, as well as your bathroom and kitchen drains, are susceptible to clogging. When you purchase a home, you can’t know what has been flushed into the drains. If you notice water backups in your sinks or strange smells coming from your home, you should get a plumber in Hinckley, IL, to check the drains. Chances are, there is an excess accumulation of dirt and debris that needs to be cleared in the drains.

Sewer Line Issues

This is another common issue in homes with outdated and neglected plumbing. Your home’s sewer lines and septic tanks need regular maintenance and professional repair in case of damage. Neglected sewer lines can cause sewer backup flow or major leaks in your home. When the sewer lines are damaged, a plumber will be needed to do thorough repairs. Furthermore, if the septic tank has not been pumped for too long, hire a professional for septic tank cleaning.

Shifting Pipes

Do you know that your house shifts slowly? It might sound scary, but it happens. Pipe bellies are another issue that affects old homes. As your home shifts and settles over time, the pipes underneath slope, restricting water flow and causing blockages. In the case of sewer lines and drains, toxic water can seep into your home or yard, posing a major health hazard. Watch out for major signs of pipe bellies, such as frequent backups, lush, green patches around your yard, slow drains, and foul odors. If you suspect the signs of a bellied line, call an expert plumber for help.

Bad Installation

Many things, such as improper installations and repairs, can mess up your plumbing system. If a beginner plumber does not know how to make proper connections or uses the wrong equipment to fix issues, your plumbing system will be screwed for years to come. Luckily, you can hire the services of a plumbing expert in Hinckley, IL, to correct all the installation mistakes.

Water Pressure Problems

Water pressure problems can be encountered in any house, but they are more common in houses with old plumbing and poor maintenance. Corroded pipelines blocked by mineral deposits are the most common cause of water pressure issues. When your home has low water pressure, doing everyday tasks becomes a hassle. Poor water pressure can affect the functionality of major water-based appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Contact a plumbing professional today to remove the deposits in your pipes and do maintenance to ensure water pressure remains constant.

Roots Intrusion

Having trees surrounding your house creates a conducive environment. The overall air quality in your home is improved. However, the same trees with benefits can penetrate the sewer lines and plumbing pipes. Root intrusion is one of the most challenging plumbing issues to handle. Knowing whether your pipes have been intruded by roots can be challenging. You will need to call a plumbing expert for an inspection.

Let Us Help You to Keep Your Home Plumbing Functional

When you move into an older home or you live in one, and you suspect it has some plumbing issues, it is a good idea to call an expert to do inspections. Old houses have been through a lot over the years, so expect to deal with plumbing issues frequently. Luckily, with the help of Just In Time, you can maintain your old home’s plumbing system and ensure it operates smoothly. Call us today, and we will send a plumber to look at your home’s plumbing system.

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