Ways An Air Conditioning Service Provider Can Soundproof Your HVAC System | Hinckley, IL

Ways An Air Conditioning Service Provider Can Soundproof Your HVAC System | Hinckley, IL

For most homeowners, a heating and air conditioning system is essential in ensuring that your home is comfortable throughout the year. While these systems ensure that your home is at the right temperatures, they eliminate the contaminants from the air to ensure that your home has great indoor air quality. However, HVAC systems might produce some noises whenever they are running, especially if they are faulty. The noise produced by an HVAC may travel from the unit via the air ducts and vents installed throughout your home. Fortunately, there are many different actions that your air conditioning service provider may undertake to soundproof your HVAC system to ensure that your home is comfortable.

Repair Your Air Conditioning System

Before making any changes to the ducts and vents, it is essential to get an air conditioning service and inspection if it produces excessive noise. The benefit of inspecting your air conditioner is that you might find and fix problems you were unaware of. For example, if your HVAC system is noisy because of malfunctioning parts, it might not use energy effectively. Your utility bills may therefore increase. Even while fixing it now could be expensive, you’ll spend less on utility costs over time.

Using an Acoustic Air Conditioner Blanket

Having an air conditioning service provider covers the unit with acoustic HVAC blankets is the most straightforward way to soundproof your air conditioner. The blanket absorbs and blocks excessive noise from the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. For instance, a compressor n blanket may reduce the noise by about thirty percent. The blankets also avert condensate formation whenever it is humid outside. Do you plan on using an acoustic blanket? Then you must use one that is specifically designed for your air conditioner.

Install Flexible Ducts

The other way through which you can reduce the noise levels is by installing flexible air ducts. These air ducts are bendy, which can reduce the noise levels from your air conditioning system. The bends in the air ducts make it harder for the sound to travel when the air is flowing since the sound is absorbed partially whenever it comes across a bend. However, you should only use flexible air ducts whenever necessary. When installing the ducts, ensure you use quality flexible air ducts since they are usually prone to breaking. This can result in air leakage and reduce the duct’s effectiveness. Additionally, ensure that you have a routine air conditioning service.

Install Duct Liners

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of soundproofing your air conditioning system is having an air conditioning service provider install air duct liners. These liners feature insulation materials that can absorb the vibrating sound via the air ducts’ interior walls. This results in a quieter HVAC system. Whenever shopping for duct liners, ensure that you purchase double-sided products. In this manner, the liner can’t blow the woolen glass fibers into your Hinckley, IL home when air is flowing.

Removing and Replacing Any Noisy Vents

You can do away with a single vent if it is the source of most of your noise. This is a straightforward, cost-efficient approach. The best way to achieve this is to completely remove the air vent and replace it with another new one or to sheetrock over the entrance. However, you should speak with an air conditioning service provider before tearing out air vents throughout your house to be sure doing so won’t negatively impact the performance of your heating and air conditioning system.

Building a Sound Maze

The other way your air conditioning service provider can reduce the noise from your HVAC system is by building and installing a good maze. Before they embark on the process, the technician thoroughly examines the inside of your ductwork and takes the proper measurements. This helps in determining the number of materials needed. After they take the measurements, they cut the plywood into pieces to about three-quarters of the entire width of your air ducts. This ensures that you can maintain a great airflow via the air ducts. The technician has to ensure that both sides of the plywood are lined with acoustic foam. This ensures that there aren’t any flat spaces inside the air ducts or vents to eliminate any echo.

Install Soffits

The best solution to soundproof your exposed ducts and air vents is to install sound-insulating soffits. A sound-dampening MDF soffit with an insulating layer within is quite effective. These soffits can accomplish the same purpose when utilized in vents and ducts. However, they are used in Hinckley, IL home cinema installations to reduce sound. Soffits are essentially enclosures that surround your ducting. As a result, there is a sound buffer between the rooms around the ducts.

Creating a Sound Baffle

The other way that an air conditioning service provider can help you reduce the HVAC noise levels is by creating a sound baffle. A sound baffle is a box that makes sounds travel longer distances. The baffle absorbs and reduces sound waves traveling along the way. Sound baffles work similarly to mufflers on vehicles, which minimize engine sounds.

Upgrading Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system becomes noisier as it gets old. This is a result of its outdated, cumbersome technology or parts that have worn out over time. An outdated system produces loud noise in addition to strong vibrations. If your HVAC system is experiencing this, consider upgrading to a newer model. Modern HVAC systems use noisier technology to lessen vent noise. Modern air conditioning systems are also highly energy efficient and quieter. They’ll help you save money on your utility bills as a result.

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