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Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Remodeling your bathroom this year but stuck on which looks to pick? We’ve got a list of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends! Our expert team can help you bring the vision you have to life! Let us help you get started on ideas for your fresh, new bathroom.


Dark tones are taking over! Black accents in mirrors, counters, and light fixtures are popular this year. Pair dark tones with white subway-tile walls for an extra contrast look.

Bathroom with white subway tile walls.


We are creating more smart appliances every year. Bathrooms will start to see smart showers and toilets, automatic sinks, remote controlled lighting, and more. Many appliances and fixtures can be voice activated. There are even mirrors that can talk to you and display the weather for the day! Your bathroom doesn’t have to be just a bathroom – it can be your very own spa getaway.

Smart shower control pad.


Is your bathroom missing that extra accented detail? Add some tiling! There are a multitude of designs and colors that you can choose from that can give your bathroom a unique look. Choose from multiple shapes including diamonds, hexagons, chevron, and more. They look great on the wall or the floor, or even featured in your shower walls.


Wood can compliment almost any color. With the rise of vintage and industrial looks, wood accents are making a comeback. If your bathroom has a more modern look, but you want to throw in some traditional vibes, add wood accents like storage, vanities, or wood-framed mirrors.

A floating shelve.


We all have one – the dreaded under-sink cabinet or drawer that hosts everything and anything from cleaning supplies to hairspray that you haven’t used in years. Are you tired of the lack of storage and organization in your bathroom? Us too. We can install floating shelves, compact storage cabinets, drawers, and more so that you can keep everything you need in its own space.


Leaning towards neutral tones like black and gray? Consider a pop of color that pairs nicely with neutral shades. We’ve already seen kitchens adapt blue and green cabinetry, and this style looks just as good in the bathroom! Certain colors are even known to create different moods, such as the color blue creating a more relaxing feel.


Big open shower

Lose the traditional style shower insert and check out open-shower concepts. They can make your bathroom space feel bigger and the design possibilities are endless. You also don’t have to worry about slipping getting in and out of the tub when you have an open shower.

If you aren’t including a shower in your remodel, or have extra space for a bathtub, go big! A large bath tub can give you extra relaxation and more space for the kids.

Just in Time can help you bring your bathroom vision to life! Call us today for a free consultation on your next project.

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Just In Time Heating, AC, Plumbing, Carpentry & Remodeling Services
Office: 485 Duvick Ave. Sandwich, IL 60548
Hours: M - F: 8AM - 5PM • 24 Emergency Service
License: #055-043535