What Can A Plumber From Just In Time Tell You About Bathroom Remodeling | Hinckley, IL

What Can A Plumber From Just In Time Tell You About Bathroom Remodeling | Hinckley, IL

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Are you pondering remodeling your bathroom? How long have you used your bathroom? If your bathroom has serviced you for an extended period, you probably want to remodel it. Another reason most Hinckley, IL homeowners remodel their bathrooms is to increase the resale value if they plan on putting it up on sale later in the future. An appealing bathroom catches the attention of potential buyers, meaning that you will have more bids, and your house could sell at a better price.

If you’ve become used to telling people that they must jiggle the handle a bit or that water comes out quite funny to start but later straightens up, or other strange little tricks, it may be time to enlist the services of a plumber for a change. But what should you be on the lookout for? Below are the things that indicate your bathroom needs a remodel.

Damaged or Broken Tiles

If the tiles inside your bathroom, whether on the walls, in your shower, or on your floor, are damaged or otherwise broken, no amount of washing will make them bright again. Chances are they’ve gotten too worn out and old. It might be the right time to replace them with new ones. After all, you want to ensure that the tiles protect whatever is below them, which may be your flooring or the walls. If the tiles are getting damaged, it means they may be letting the moisture or water through. Your plumber would tell you to keep an eye on moisture percolation into the walls or the floor as it can damage them. Remember, damaged and broken tiles are dangerous because they expose you and your family to a risk of cuts.

Dirty or Stained Grout

If your bathroom’s grout is dirty, moldy, stained, or otherwise does not look like it used to, that is a good sign that the time for some remodeling is due. It does not mean that you must remodel everything in your bathroom. You may be able only to tear out and replace the tiles.

If you are on a low budget and want to save some cash, you could only remove the grout and replace it with a new one. However, this is a sign that you have left the bathroom and its appliances for an extended period. Inquire from your plumbing professional about the steps you can take to remedy the problem.

Damaged or Scratched Countertops

Although you may not think that the dings and scratches on your countertop are an issue, the reality is that they are an issue. These marks are a place where moisture may gather, and any place where moisture can collect, Bacteria and Fungi-like mold can thrive.

Fungi, especially mold and mildew, thrive in damp and humid conditions. If inhaled, they can cause respiratory issues, meaning by merely ignoring the dings and scratches, you will be putting your family at risk of respiratory infection. You need to keep watch for these dings and scratches and refill them with epoxy where possible. You could also change the countertops entirely. A plumber can advise you of nice remodeling ideas.

Broken Vents

Does your bathroom have a vent, especially a vent fan? If it doesn’t, then you want to install them in your home’s bathroom. You want a bathroom with a lot of ventilation, which cannot happen unless you have a running fan in the bathroom continuously to ensure that it has enough airflow.

Letting the moisture settle for long in your bathroom causes more issues down the road. It may extend to other plumbing areas, not only the bathroom. However, you can call your local plumber to ensure that things go seamlessly.

Peeling Paint

If the paint in your bathroom is peeling, you have to call a plumber to your home. Peeling paint is a sign of a moisture issue with your plumbing. It could be moisture seeping into the wall from the exteriors like showers or leaving some damp towels in your bathroom. However, the moisture could also come from a leaky pipe within the wall. You want a professional plumbing expert to inspect the paint and the walls before proceeding with anything else. They will help you find the origin of the problem and resolve it immediately.

Rusted or Corroded Fixtures

If your plumbing fixtures are corroded or rusted, it is time for their replacement. You might start by calling a plumber near you in Hinckley, IL, to swap out the plumbing fixtures. You might be able to resolve this issue and improve the outlook of your bathroom entirely.

However, you want the fixtures removed swiftly because the rust can enter the fixtures, meaning it will enter the piping entirely and start breaking them down. Rust could affect the quality of your water or damage the water heater. Call a plumbing expert to resolve any bathroom fixtures whenever you notice corrosion on them.

Upon determining that it is time to perform some remodeling, enlist the services of a local plumber to learn more. Talk with the plumbing expert regarding what you want to be done and how it is carried out. They can help you, whether you plan on performing a minor remodeling or you plan on making big changes to your bathroom. Whether you only want to swap out the old tiles and fixtures or intend to remodel or reconfigure your bathroom entirely, a plumbing expert will take care of all the processes.

Things like upgrading or replacing the tiles, repainting, or replacing various bathroom plumbing fixtures can make a visible change in the outlook of your bathroom. You might be shocked at how much a few minor adjustments can make your bathroom appealing. Simply changing decorations, fixtures, and painting the bathroom might give it a new look, and that’s bound to be beneficial to your entire family. All you have to do now is look around your home to determine what could make the largest difference and then actualize those plans.

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A bathroom is a vital room and a hygiene component of any home. It must be kept in a top condition to prevent endangering the lives of your family members. Broken tiles may cut or scratch your feet putting you at risk of harm. Fortunately, Just In Time Plumbing is here to help with any or entire bathroom renovations and remodeling.

Call our experienced and licensed plumbers for answers to any questions you may have regarding bathroom remodeling. Our plumbers will also give you professional advice to ensure your home is comfortable.