What Is The Full Range Of Services A Heating And AC Repair Company Should Offer You? | Big Rock, IL

What Is The Full Range Of Services A Heating And AC Repair Company Should Offer You? | Big Rock, IL

There is no worse feeling than the one you get when your home’s air conditioning breaks down in the middle of the hot season. With temperatures on the rise, making sure your HVAC system is in good working order should be one of your top priorities during the spring. But how can you ensure your home’s HVAC system is in top shape? The first thing that you must do is call your trusted heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL to perform an inspection of your entire cooling system to determine if there’s a risk of anything breaking down when you least expect it. But, before we get into too many details about the inspection process, let’s take a look at what a heating and AC repair company does.

What Else Does a Heating and AC Repair Company Do?

Besides inspecting your home or office HVAC system, a heating and AC repair company can perform any task related to making sure your home is well cooled during the summer and nice and warm during the winter. Let’s take a look at the most common services Just In Time provides in Big Rock, IL.

  • Testing – an HVAC tech is charged with the testing of a diverse range of units, components and their electrical circuits prior to their installation to make sure they are appropriate for being placed in residential or commercial structures.
  • Installation – once all the parts of an HVAC system have been tested, the tech will install all the required heating and cooling systems. The tech is also charged with verifying they work correctly after the installation process is finished.
  • Maintenance – an HVAC tech will provide maintenance to previously installed systems to ensure they are working in optimal conditions. This task can be scheduled previously or performed on demand by the client as is needed.
  • Repairs – possibly the most important part of a heating and AC repair company‘s job is to identify and repair any problems in an HVAC system.
  • Sales – when a client needs to replace an old HVAC system or install a new one, the company is tasked with giving advice, tips and information to help the customer select the system that is most appropriate for the setting in which it is required, whether residential or commercial.

What About the Inspection of Your HVAC System?

Now that you know what a heating and AC repair company does, you are probably wondering about your HVAC system’s inspection. In general terms, when you call a heating and AC repair company for an inspection, they will send an HVAC technician to diagnose the condition of your system while looking for certain issues that could pose problems later on. Some of these issues include problematic electrical connections, including those which are loose or corroded, leaks of refrigerant gas, problems with the systems safety measures, and cracked or leaky seals in the area around the air handler. Additionally, the tech will replace the air filter and will check the thermostat and whether the refrigerant levels are at appropriate. If necessary, he will reset the thermostat and refill the refrigerant deposit. Once these actions have been carried out, the tech will check the flow or air in the evaporator coils and verify whether there are any obstructions in the ducts, and vents. Once all these tasks are finished the technician will give you the diagnosis and let you know what the next step will be. Regular HVAC checks are designed to improve the performance of your heating and cooling system by identifying and repairing possible problems. Schedule biannual HVAC servicing with your reputable heating and cooling company to enjoy problem-free home comfort throughout the year. During periodic checks, your expert will not only check that your system is operating smoothly, but will also keep you informed about the age, condition, and potential modifications for your heating and air conditioning system.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that not all inspections are performed equally, and three different types are the most commonly carried out in Big Rock IL. Let’s take a look at what they include.

HVAC Repair – This is probably the most common type of inspection because it’s usually done when your HVAC system has stopped cooling or heating the way it normally would. In this case, your tech will evaluate the system to find the root cause of the problem, and because the issue is already known (improper cooling or heating), it is not as complete as other types of inspections, because the problem usually resides in a specific set of components.

HVAC Tune-Up – More extensive than the previous type, this type of inspection is designed to evaluate your entire system and is usually performed during the spring and fall months in order to prevent any problems when you need your HVAC system the most. During this inspection all your system’s components will be checked for faults and anything that needs repair or replacement will be fixed to ensure your system is working as it should during the summer and winter.

Full HVAC Inspection – This type of inspection is the most detailed and results in a complete audit of your system. Documentary records of the age of your system, its installation, and its performance are collected, together with a report of any repairs or improvements that are suggested. This type of inspection is normally performed when you are looking to buy or sell your home and is the most thorough type of them all.

Are You Ready to Get Your HVAC System Inspected or Serviced?

Just In Time is a heating and AC repair company providing service in the Big Rock, IL area, and they are on a mission to provide their customers with the most efficient and value-driven service in the area. Because they consider their customers to be a big part of the Just In Time family, they will gladly provide all the repair and maintenance services your HVAC system could need, while ensuring your increased comfort at home or in your office by performing high quality and thorough inspections whenever you may require them, all while making sure your system works as good as it should be, which will help you save money on utilities and having to replace an HVAC system too soon. So, don’t hesitate, if you are in need of a heating and AC repair company give Just In Time a call today!

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