What To Look For In A Reliable Plumbing Company | Big Rock, IL

What To Look For In A Reliable Plumbing Company | Big Rock, IL

Some homeowners seek plumbing services at the last minute when it is too late. When water is gushing out through the walls, there is no hot water for the morning shower; the toilet has begun overflowing, the faucets are leaking; comparing the services of each prospective plumbing company is the last thing that crosses a homeowner’s mind. They tend to jump on the nearest plumber to fix the issue immediately.

Luckily, there isn’t a shortage of plumbing companies in Big Rock, IL. Hence, preparing early and planning with a reliable plumbing service provider could save you from relying on mediocre and unskilled plumbers. Below are several things to consider when searching for a plumber you can rely on to address your plumbing issues.


The other important or probably the most critical factor to consider when searching for a plumbing company to work at your home. It isn’t unusual for a plumbing service to send two plumbers to your home at once. This happens especially if the plumbing issue isn’t straightforward and might require different skills. In other times, the experienced plumber might be joined by an intern or an apprentice to teach them on the job.

It pays to ensure that the apprentice is always supervised. Hence, discreetly shadow them when the master plumber heads out for a moment. Sometimes, a less experienced plumber can easily fix persistent plumbing issues even after the experienced professional has failed.

How old your home, water heater, and plumbing play a critical role. If the plumbing issue comes back after you have just handed in another expensive plumbing service, don’t hesitate to consult another plumber for a second opinion. You will certainly make a more informed decision. You might find out that you need to replace the appliance of pipes because they’ve severely deteriorated. This means that repeated repairs will only cost you more.

Certification, License, and Membership To a Trade Body

The list of qualifications for a plumber and their accreditation is always your first port of call. You should expect a highly trained and experienced plumber with at least a level 3 Diploma in heating and plumbing, whether commercial or domestic. If the plumbing company has a website, check at the bottom of their homepage for logos and seals from reputable plumbing organizations such as UA (United Organizations), ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers), and APHC.

However, the requirements to get a plumbing license differ from state to state. Hence, ensure that you check the certifications necessary in your state before you enlist the help of a plumber. Some manufacturers require that their appliances be repaired or maintained by licensed plumbers for the warranty to remain intact. Such a professional will offer quality services in your Big Rock, IL home.


Insurance is a vital part of plumbing because accidents and injuries do arise. You do not want to bear the liability for the hefty restoration and repair bills whenever they do. Any reliable plumbing company in Big Rock, IL, should have an insurance policy for their employees and a substantive liability cover. The cover can cover the structural damages that might arise at your home, such as flooding, fire, and other costly issues. Although it might take some time for the money to reach you, you might have to pay for some expenses up-front. However, you still have the comfort of knowing that the insurance company will cover the expenses or reimburse you for the money used.


Today, online references can be easily manipulated, and some plumbing companies’ web content managers might filter negative reviews. Others do a little to filter the dishonest reviews and testimonials. However, it is really easy to spot dishonest reviews. Look at when they were posted, especially the posting time, the profiles and names of the people posting them, and their spelling and grammar. Several websites are not manipulated easily.

Look for the plumbing company reviews on ReviewBuzz, Customer Lobby, or Home Advisor. The other great source of reviews is your neighbors and friends that have had a plumbing service by one of the companies you are considering.

If the plumbing service provider you consider has a website, check whether consumer protection agencies endorse them. For instance, BBB A+ accreditation is a common standard for the plumbing industry. Reviews and recommendations give you insights into the plumbing company and can help you clear any doubts.


If a plumbing company in Big Rock, IL, offers high-quality services, it is backed up by a total guarantee of satisfaction of 100%. Different third-party companies cover the plumbing service expenses if you aren’t entirely satisfied with their work. Some plumbing service providers even advertise that you’ll win a satisfaction guarantee on their plumbing job on their websites.

Other plumbers are a part of the TrustMark scheme. TrustMark scheme is a government plan that asks the members to adhere to a stringent code of conduct. Other agencies will provide these guarantees to fully vetted plumbing technicians based on your residence. Both master plumbers and journeymen should offer this work satisfaction guarantee. They will come back and do the work again for free if you are not satisfied with it in the first instance.


When searching for a reputable plumbing company, the other factor is the price. With many plumbers in Illinois, the prices might differ based on the nature of the problem and the collective experience of their plumbers. However, you shouldn’t solely base your search for a plumbing service on the price. However much it will cost you to have a reputable plumber at your disposal within no time, it is worth every penny.

There is only so much that the plumbing service provider can charge. Replacing smaller parts, fixing minor leaks, and cleaning your drainage system shouldn’t be that costly. You could also squeeze several plumbing jobs for the plumbers that use fixed call-out charges or an hourly rate. However, some plumbing jobs like installing and repairing water heaters, replacing the water or sewer line, and fitting filters may cost you significantly.

Plumbing issues are bound to arise at one point in time. Hence, you must be ready to address them whenever they arise. Part of preparing is having a plumbing company on standby, meaning that you can call them whenever an issue arises. However, you should consider the factors above before you hire one. Do you want professional plumbing services? Call us at Just in Time today.

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