What Your Heating And AC Repair Company Has To Say About Baseboard Heaters | Big Rock, IL

What Your Heating And AC Repair Company Has To Say About Baseboard Heaters | Big Rock, IL

Baseboard heaters are supplemental heaters providing an effective and affordable option. You can choose between electric and hydronic baseboard heaters for warming your home during winter. The former resembles an electric space heater while the latter works as a conventional radiator.

They are susceptible to failing, similar to mechanical heaters and air conditioners, hence the need for immediate services from a reliable heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL.

A problematic heater is a headache and can assure you an unpleasant experience as you might have to endure the low temperatures, exposing you to cold-related illnesses. Some of the baseboard heaters issues and their solutions are not limited to:

Fluctuating Temperatures

To begin with, baseboard heating systems in homes can create fluctuating temperatures, making your space uncomfortable. The heaters are not part of the centralized heating units, making them depend solely on thermostats to regulate your indoor temperatures.

When your room is sometimes too hot and then abruptly becomes warm or cold, then the thermostat might be failing and requires immediate checking, calibration, repairs or replacements by a certified and experienced technician from the nest heating and AC repair company in and around Illinois.

A Solution to the Faulty Thermostat Issue

HVAC specialists can inspect the heater to identify and diagnose the problem. The experts from a nearby heating and AC repair company can check the thermostat to see if it is running efficiently and clean it if it is dirty, affecting the temperature readings system and sensors.

Sometimes the frequent temperature changes can be due to an old and worn-out thermostat that requires replacing with a more advanced option like the programmable thermostat to restore the smooth running of the unit.

Whichever the issue is with your baseboard thermostat, a qualified HVAC technician from a reputable heating and AC repair company can fix it promptly.

Cold and Hot Spots

Apart from the fluctuating temperatures in your house, baseboard heating units can also create hot and cold spots in your rooms. The issue might result from poor installation and positioning of the system, affecting its heating capabilities.

Hot and cold spots are a nuisance that compels homeowners to call for heater repairs as soon as possible. The problem might also be due to drafty windows and doors that allow conditioned air leakages, making some parts of your home hot while others hot.

Failure to call a nearby reliable heating and AC repair company to identify and fix the reason behind the problem on time will leave you with high utility bills.

Solutions to the Problem

One of the solutions to the hot and cold spots is getting a certified and qualified HVAC expert from a reliable heating and AC repair company to re-install the unit if poorly set up. If the position of the system is the cause of the issue, the contractor is in a better position to place it in the correct space for high efficiency.

Visible Soot or Smoke in the Unit

Soot and smoke are other noticeable problems people with baseboard heaters encounter in their homes. The issue is common in electric baseboard heating systems and might be due to dirt. Build-up debris and grime in the unit are evidence of a lack of maintenance by contractors from the heating and air conditioning repair company.

When you turn on a dirty heater, the heat it produces burns the accumulated debris and dirt, generating smoke that forms soot in the unit. It is a sight that one cannot behold and requires urgent cleaning from experts.

A Solution to the Soot and Smoke

Hired technicians from a reputable heating and AC repair company in Big Rock, IL, can resolve the issue by cleaning it. The professionals first switch the electric baseboard heater off and wait for it to cool before commencing with the clean-up.

Noisy Heater

Loud noises from a failing baseboard heating unit are not easy to ignore. They might be loud sounds the heater generates when it operates or loud bangs.

The noises are indicators of a leak in the unit, while the banging sounds might be coming from faulty pipes or valves that require immediate repairs from a contractor from the best heating and air conditioning repair company in the region.

Solving the Issue of Noisy Heater

HVAC technicians at your service can thoroughly inspect the baseboard heating equipment for gaps, cracks, or holes that allow air in the system or the conditioned heat to leak out. They can also examine the valves and pipes to diagnose the issue that causes the loud banging sounds that are louder with the severity of the problem.

The professionals from a heating and AC repair company that train experts can also inspect the thermostat and the heating element for dirt and clean them and the pipes if they have a malfunctioning boiler or air stuck in the pipes and fix them appropriately.

Inadequate Heat from Heater

In addition to the above baseboard issues, the heater might fail to turn on when you need it the most to warm your space. The heating system might not produce heat due to surrounding furniture or drapes that hinder the heater from supplying sufficient heat in the room.

Solutions to the Baseboard Heater Not Producing Heat

Contractors specializing in HVAC systems from a reputable heating and AC repair company can check if the heating system is in a position that does not allow heat to circulate freely in your space.

If that is not the issue, they can inspect the thermostats to ensure it is at the correct temperatures. Next, the experts can evaluate the electrical system by checking if the circuit breaker has tripped. If it has tripped, the technician can tune up all the electrical components of the baseboard unit and fix every loose or frayed wire.

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