When The Numbers Are In Favor Of A New Air Conditioner Installation | Newark, IL

When The Numbers Are In Favor Of A New Air Conditioner Installation | Newark, IL

If you tend to replace equipment only when it breaks, you may be missing out on opportunities to save on repair costs and energy usage with an AC system. A new air conditioner installation by Just in Time in Newark, IL can reset the clock on developing problems and repair costs. New equipment, even to replace air conditioner installations performed only ten years ago, can improve efficiency by 20 to 40 percent as well. You may find that calculating your costs of operation for your current AC makes new air conditioner installation an attractive option simply for improving your annual HVAC budget. Though it can be difficult for many people to replace equipment that’s still “working fine,” the numbers can be persuasive. Of course, a new AC system brings with it a fresh cool to the air in your home, and it’s a great time to upgrade to new AC technologies and air quality options.

The Repair or Replace Decision Basics

During AC repair and maintenance calls, you may wonder if your older AC unit, especially more than 10 or 15 years in service cooling your home, is still in good shape. Even if you find that it is, and that repairs needed for problems or cooling disruptions are more minor than you expected, repair or replace questions may linger on your mind. If performance is dropping, energy efficiency is lower than in the past, and repairs are becoming more costly and major, a new air conditioner installation becomes a more pressing decision. Our team is here to answer your questions, especially during maintenance visits when we have just inspected your system and can provide information on its overall condition. It’s also a great time to get information on your Newark, IL home’s cooling and any enhancements we recommend to add comfort in the future. We can also enter into a conversation about how your current system meets your needs, so your new air conditioner installation, now or in the future, can better serve you. Take advantage of our extensive experience with customer homes, equipment, and energy savings to optimize your comfort.

Adding Modern Efficiency Into the Mix

Recent decades have seen a rapid increase in air conditioner efficiency, both in basic design and with the addition of new compressor technologies. Combined with more intelligent thermostat control systems, zoned duct systems, and other improvements, a new air conditioner installation can provide a radical shift in your energy usage. We can also help you improve your home’s overall energy efficiency with updates and information about modern energy conservation methods. If you have specific areas that need independent, high-efficiency cooling like home offices, nurseries, or outbuildings and a multipurpose garage, you may find ductless mini-splits are a great solution. These systems are easy to design and install, providing direct cooling to individual rooms or spaces in your home without duct system installation.

Considering Alternatives for Replacement and Initial AC Equipment

When you’re considering new air conditioner installation, it may be tempting to simply order a replacement unit and continue with the rest of the system as-is. A direct replacement itself can improve your system’s efficiency, and of course bring AC reliability back to its best with a new unit. For older homes, though, you may find that your ductwork and other components need attention as well. Our air conditioner installation team will survey your home to make sure your new unit is sized properly for your home’s cooling needs, and inspect related equipment. In some cases, homeowners redesign their AC system to use ductless mini-split units, which scale to meet your needs, as a convenient and highly efficient way to renew AC in your home. This is also a great way to add permanently installed air conditioning to your home if ducts are not a desirable option, such as in historic homes or ones where the architectural design will be affected by ductwork.

What About Variable Speed and Two-Stage AC Systems?

You may have heard that there are new types of AC systems available these days, ones where the compressor technology is designed to be more adaptable. Standard systems turn on to provide cold air for your home, then shut off when the appropriate temperature is reached, according to the thermostat. For homes with zoned ductwork, the operation of the AC system is governed by the needs of each zone, usually reducing the demand on the system along with wear and energy use. Newer systems take energy efficiency and adaptable operation even further. When your home needs to be cooled down, such as when your daytime thermostat setting is much higher than in the evening, the compressor works hard to get it done. If you’re just maintaining the current temperature, these variable and multi-stage AC systems can “throttle back” and provide gentle cooling, reducing the effort and energy required, and moderating airflow. You’ll get a gentle cooling that reduces chilly breezes that standard units can produce.

Indoor Air Quality and Other Additions to Your New Cooling System

Air distribution systems and indoor air quality features are important parts of your air conditioner installation. Ductwork should be clean, well-sealed and in good condition, with vents and air intakes well-placed and unblocked. If you have a single duct system, zoned ductwork can help improve your energy efficiency. The air flowing through the system, which recirculates particles, odors, and chemicals present in your air, can be HEPA filtered. Air purification further improves air quality, along with germicidal UV light and the key to indoor comfort, humidity management.

Your Full-Service AC Heroes in Newark

The one number to keep handy for expert AC repairs and maintenance, air quality upgrades, and the right AC system replacement installation in Newark, IL when the time comes is Just in Time. We provide the information and support you need, along with expert services when you need us most. Let us help you enjoy affordable cool air. Call for help today!

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