When You Should Call An Air Conditioning Service

When You Should Call An Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioning unit is designed to last you for a few decades before replacement. However, this is possible if you properly take care of it. When installing an AC unit for the first time, homeowners look forward to seamless and reliable functioning, especially during summer and winter.

Like any other machine, these units are susceptible to wear and tear and need routine inspections to ensure everything runs optimally. During its life cycle, there are emergencies that may arise requiring the expertise of an air conditioning service. This may vary from inconsistent temperatures to strange smells from your vents.

Warning Signs That You Need to Call an AC Repair Professional

Leaking Water

A leaking AC is an obvious sign to call an AC specialist. Water leaks may be from the ductwork, interior, or exterior unit, depending on the area of the problem. A water leak may seem like a simple issue solved by covering the leaking area; however, it may be the start of something major. This may be an indication of something wrong with your condenser, which in turn, affects the optimal functioning of your AC unit.

Air conditioners naturally cause condensation by sucking air from the room into the condenser. The condensate is then collected into a pan and drained away. A water leak may mean the pan is clogged or there is an issue with the drain line. Have an expert look at it to come up with the correct diagnosis.

Strange Smells

Bad odor and burning smell from your AC unit may be a sign of something wrong with your air conditioner. A burning smell may result from melted wiring or damage to an electrical component. At Just In Time, we advise clients to contact an emergency air conditioning service to have the problem checked and addressed.

Other strange smells may come from the mold or leaking chemicals inside your unit. These issues may be in the ductwork or interior unit, affecting air quality in your home. Mold growth is characterized by a must-smell in the air which poses a health risk to your family. The problem may be with your air filters allowing allergens to enter your home.

No matter the cause of the strange smell, it makes sense to have an experienced AC repair technician look at your system.

Strange Noises

Another reason to call an AC technician is when your unit is making unusual noises. Air conditioning units are designed to operate quietly with minimal noise, not to affect the comfort of your home. However, when you hear unusual sounds from your air conditioner, it’s best to call an AC repair company to check it out. A full diagnosis of your system can elaborate on the problem.

A humming, hissing, squealing, or gurgling sound is a cause for concern, especially if your AC has seen better years. Strange sounds are usually caused by mechanical issues and need immediate attention before it gets worse. Some issues to expect include a damaged motor causing the squealing sound or low refrigerants causing a hissing sound.

Regular inspection and maintenance by professionals from reputable firms such as Just In Time help unearth these issues before they evolve into expensive repairs and replacements.

AC Fails to Launch

Your AC not starting is a clear indication you need to call an emergency air conditioning service. However, before making the call, you need to check the electrical components, including your thermostat. If the thermostat is operating optimally and the AC doesn’t launch, then there could be a problem with your relay system.

When faced with this problem, most people may try fixing their unit or find the cause, which may result in more damage. Immediately you notice this issue and call your technician to run a diagnostic check.

Inconsistent Temperatures

An AC is an invaluable asset during summer when you need to relax at home and need to regulate the heat. However, when your AC blows warm air instead of cooling your home, it’s a warning sign you need to call an emergency air conditioning service. While some rooms may be a little warmer than others, the cooling effect should still serve in most rooms, especially with a central AC unit.

Hot or warm air from your AC may also mean a problem with your AC’s airflow interfering with its overall performance. Issues such as weak airflow are usually solved during inspection and maintenance. Fixing and changing your air filters may help solve the issue with your air flow; however, this may not provide a permanent solution. Have a technician check to rule out any issues with your unit.

Electrical Issues

The electrical component in your AC plays a vital role in the unit’s optimal performance. Without a power supply, the unit cannot draw hot air and cool it to low indoor temperatures. However, over time, these parts may develop issues such as damaged wiring.

Technological advancement has made it easy for you to identify issues with your AC unit. Check the digital display on your thermostat for an error code and check it against the manufacturer’s manual. Another case of electrical issues is seen when your AC only works at certain settings or intermittently.

A serious electrical issue can be disastrous, with a worst-case scenario being an electrical fire. These are not your typical DIY projects and should be left to professionals to handle. As you wait for the AC repair expert, you should consider cutting power to the unit.

If you’re experiencing issues with the electrical components of your AC unit, call Just In Time experts to check your system and arrest the situation. Ignoring these issues can lead to expensive repairs or replacements.

An AC is a valuable asset in your home and helps elevate comfort. However, like every installation it experiences wear and tear. The above-mentioned signs can help you make informed decisions on when to call an emergency repair service. Contact us at Just In Time for more on our services, including AC repair and maintenance.

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How To Avoid Scams When Hiring A Heating And AC Repair Company

How To Avoid Scams When Hiring A Heating And AC Repair Company

Finding a trustworthy heating and AC repair company is crucial when your HVAC develops issues. Unfortunately, the industry is riddled with scams that can lead to substandard services or wasted money. This guide offers valuable tips on avoiding fraud when hiring an HVAC repair company.

HVAC Repair Scams

Dealing with a malfunctioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can be very frustrating, but falling victim to HVAC repair cheats is even more disheartening. Learn about the common red flags associated with untrustworthy companies.

The Refrigerant Leak Scam: Some dubious technicians will falsely diagnose your HVAC unit with a refrigerant leak, promising you that their fix will restore your system to its full efficiency. Though refrigerant leaks are possible, many unethical technicians use this excuse to bill you for expensive (often unnecessary) repairs or refills. Always ask for proof of the leak and consider getting a second opinion before shelling out your hard-earned cash.

The Oversized System Upgrade: In another prevalent scam, dishonest technicians convince you that your home’s current HVAC unit is undersized and that a larger system will be more efficient. However, upgrading to an oversized system may result in uneven temperatures and a shorter unit lifespan. A professional load calculation should always be done before deciding on the right size for your HVAC system.

The Unbelievable Low-Cost Offer: As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Be cautious of repair or installation services that are suspiciously undervalued. These low-cost offers often involve subpar work, which may lead to costlier HVAC problems down the line. Instead, look for reputable companies with fair and transparent pricing for your HVAC needs.

The “Free Inspection” Trap: Watch out for “free inspection” offers that ultimately lead to exorbitant repair quotes. Dishonest technicians may try to convince you of nonexistent issues to extract more money from you. Always get a second or third opinion before agreeing to costly repairs, and request detailed reports for each problem diagnosed.

The High-Pressure Sales Tactics: Unscrupulous HVAC repair providers often use high-pressure sales tactics to upsell unnecessary products, services, or system upgrades. They might insist that your unit is irreparable or requires immediate attention to make you panic and agree to their proposal. A trustworthy contractor will give you time to make informed decisions and explore options rather than pressuring you into hasty decisions.

Ways to Avoid HVAC Scams

To avoid falling victim to any of the trickery above, doing your homework before selecting a repair company is essential. Here are some great tips from experts:

Ask for Proof of Insurance and Licensing

Inquire about the company’s licensing and insurance status to protect yourself from liability if any accidents or damages occur during the repair process. Any reputable HVAC repair company should be appropriately licensed and insured. Confirm this information with the company and verify their documentation if needed.

Read the Contract Thoroughly

Before signing any agreement, ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly outlined in the contract. That includes the scope of work, materials used, timeline, warranty coverage, and payment terms. It’s essential to read the contract thoroughly and never sign anything you don’t fully understand. If you encounter any issues or discrepancies, discuss them with the company and ask for clarification.

Beware of Suspiciously Low Bids or High-Pressure Sales Tactics

If an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is. Dishonest repair businesses commonly use cheap deals and high-pressure pitches to trap customers. Avoid falling for this by getting multiple quotes from different companies and by staying alert to coercive marketing techniques.

Verify the Company’s Physical Address and Contact Information

Ensure the repair firm has a registered address and valid contact information, including phone numbers and email accounts. That will enable you to communicate with them quickly and conveniently, as well as protect you from potential scams. Double-check this data on the company’s website or reputable business directories.

Ask for References and Follow Up on Them

Word-of-mouth feedback is one of the best ways to choose reliable heating and AC repair services. Request a list of references from the company, ensuring to call each one and inquire about the customer’s satisfaction with the job. Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask friends, neighbors, or family members for recommendations.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Calls or Door-to-Door Salespeople

A reputable heating and AC repair firm will not bombard you with unsolicited calls or go door-to-door to sell their services. If a company resorts to these invasive techniques, it’s best to keep your guard up and proceed cautiously. Your safety and satisfaction should always come first.

Trust Your Instincts and Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

If, at any point, you feel apprehensive or uneasy about a repair company, honor your instincts and back away. There’s no need to hire someone if you suspect they may be dishonest or unprofessional, especially when it involves the comfort and safety of your home. You can always reach out to other companies that are more deserving of your trust.

Get Multiple Quotes and Compare Them Carefully

To ensure you’re getting the best value for your money:

  • Gather multiple quotes from different contractors.
  • Carefully inspect each quote and compare the scope of work, materials to be used, warranty coverage, and pricing.
  • Beware of suspiciously low bids or high-pressure sales tactics, as they may indicate potential fraud.

The Takeaway

Arming yourself with knowledge is the key to avoiding these widespread HVAC repair scams. Thus, research and vet any company you’re considering to ensure they’re reputable and trustworthy. Following the tips outlined above, you should have no trouble finding a reliable heating and AC repair company that meets your needs.

Book an appointment with Just In Time for the best HVAC repair services! We guarantee affordable rates, quality results, and exceptional customer service.

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Choosing An Expert For Your Air Conditioner Installation

Choosing An Expert For Your Air Conditioner Installation

Finding an expert to install your air conditioner can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, such as what type of system will best suit your needs, the cost of installation, and more. But with the right knowledge, the process can be smooth. A contractor specializing in air conditioning installation is a wise investment for maintaining, operating, and cleaning your air conditioners. Using an expert will save you time and money in the long run.

Essential Factors When Choosing an Expert

Selecting the right contractor to install your air conditioner involves considering the following:


The distance between you and your service provider matters. You need a local company to save on transport and minimize the time taken by professionals to reach your home. Just In Time offers local customers air conditioning installation services at their convenience.


The amount of time a service provider has worked on air conditioning installations can significantly affect the work quality. Experienced professionals are more exposed to various issues that may occur during installation and know how to handle them. You should look for companies that have been around for a long time when choosing an expert to install or maintain your AC unit. Just In Time has been operating for a while, with an experienced staff offering quality services.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensed contractors are legally bound to perform their work at industry standards. The contractor should also be insured, so you will not be liable in case of any damage caused during the installation process.

Customer Experience and Reviews

You can ask your friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers for recommendations. Their experiences can help you decide what to expect from a contractor.

Quality of Work

Various factors will determine the quality of work done by the experts you hire. A quality air conditioner installation will be done efficiently and on time by skilled professionals with strong work ethics who understand quality control best practices. Hiring someone qualified to handle problems with your system and make the necessary repairs will save you money in the long run.


Many factors influence the installation costs and will change depending on your needs. A contractor who offers services at reasonable prices should be picked. By choosing an expert, you can rest assured that your air conditioner will be installed at a reasonable cost. Just In Time is a licensed and insured air conditioning installation company that offers professional services at competitive rates.


A good contractor will guarantee their work to assure their commitment to customer satisfaction. Such contractors believe in the quality of their work and are willing to back it up. This should give you the confidence that this company will handle your air conditioner installation well.


You need a service provider who can be reached easily and works with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the work done. Just In Time has a phone number you can use to reach them anytime. You can make orders or raise concerns with the company without physically visiting.


A warranty is a good sign that the installed air conditioning system is of high quality. Good air conditioners will have a warranty of between five and twelve years. The experts at Just In Time can help you choose the right air conditioning unit for installation. A warranty ensures that you’ll get free replacement or repairs if your air conditioner experiences problems, based on the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert to Install Your Air Conditioner

When you hire a professional company to install your air conditioner, you experience the following benefits:

Availability of AC Parts on Hand

The professionals at Just In Time have access to parts should the need for repairs arise. They can install, repair, or replace your system quickly and efficiently to ensure that you remain comfortable without interruption.

Impeccable Workmanship

You may want to install the newest air conditioning units in your home, but your new unit could become damaged during installation if you don’t find an expert installer. A professional has the skills and experience to handle challenges and complete the job properly. They will also clean up after installation is complete as a courtesy to their customers.

They Will Get Your AC System Working at Peak Efficiency

If you choose an air conditioning installation company with industry standards and a warranty, you can rest assured that your new unit will be installed properly. Professional installers are experienced and know how to manage various issues and save you from headaches. They’ll maintain your unit well and make sure it works optimally at all times.

They Offer the Utmost Ease and Convenience

When working with professionals, you only need to make a call, and they’ll handle the rest for you. Air conditioner installation is not easy and can be rather time-consuming. A good contractor will ensure you have a straightforward experience and get you off to a good start with your new system.

They Have Proper Training

Air conditioning professionals have undergone training and have the skills to do their jobs well. Their great communication skills and technical expertise make them the ideal experts for installation. Their extensive knowledge of air conditioners will help them take care of any challenges that come their way.

Installations Are Completed on Time

The professionals at Just In Time work efficiently, completing your installation in no time. They have the experience and equipment to install your new AC unit quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy its cooling benefits. You can expect them to be on time for the scheduled appointment and complete their work professionally.

Properly installing your AC is significant, and you should not take it lightly. Our company, Just In Time, is a trusted and reputable air conditioner installation company. We offer services for a wide range of air conditioning products. Give us a call today or visit our website to get access to our services.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Whole House Fans: Insights From A Heating And AC Company

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Whole House Fans: Insights From A Heating And AC Company

People without costly air conditioning units can opt for whole-house fans to keep their homes comfortable, especially if the climate in the area is not that hot. They ensure families enjoy optimal cooling all year round. The fans, which provide 15 to 23 air changes in an hour, operate by pulling cool air through open windows to the attic or roofs for exhaustion.

Once the air reaches the attic, your home will experience a cool breeze and ventilation. Additionally, the system maintains cool temperatures indoors by removing heat in walls, furniture, and floor. The air-change rate varies due to diverse factors, including floor plans and climate patterns.

Before buying and installing fans in your home, it is best to learn its pros and cons, which are not limited to:

Benefits of Whole-House Fans

Eliminate Stale Air
A house can have poor indoor quality and be filled with pollutants that can cause respiratory illnesses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains that as much as outdoor air is polluted, indoor air is two to five times more contaminated.

Having a whole house fan installed in such houses brings in the clean, fresh air that comes through the windows and removes all the accumulated stale air. The process significantly improves indoor air quality by eliminating contaminated air with possible pathogens and viruses that can lead to airborne diseases.

The American Lung Association promotes lung health by advocating for clean home air. Parents and adults can ensure their homes are well-ventilated. With whole-house fans, households can enjoy sufficient ventilation to remove the highest percentage of viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants for healthy, clean, fresh air.

Removes Musty and Dusty Odors
Homes with nasty, musty, or dusty odors can lead to numerous upper respiratory infections, including asthma. Installing whole-house fans can remove the odors from molds, pets, stale foods, and other culprits permeating the house.

As the fans operate, they remove all the stagnated indoor air every three to four minutes. Adequate ventilation through the windows eliminates odors and other pollutants, leaving your house smelling fresh and odorless.

Saves Energy and Operation Costs
Whole-house fans use less electricity than air conditioners, hence lower cooling expenses. If you have air conditioners and whole-house fans, you can rely on the latter when the weather is not as hot to reduce energy consumption and switch to the former during scorching days. Using whole-house fans most of the time will significantly reduce energy costs.

The energy-efficient units also operate at low costs per hour compared to ACs. You can save more because of the reduced energy and operation costs after switching from an AC to a whole-house fan.

Affordable Cooling Systems
Technicians from a reliable heating and AC company can recommend cooling fans, regardless of type, are more cost-effective than air conditioners. People who cannot afford expensive air conditioning systems do not have to languish in hot summers thanks to the whole-house fans that also provide thermal comfort. In addition, installation costs are also affordable, making the fans’ overall costs lower than air conditioners.

Fast Performance
When you switch on the whole-house fans, they effectively cool your house to optimal degrees. You will feel the cooling effect immediately when you turn on your whole-house fan as the powerful breeze comes through the windows.

So, if you want to feel the icy air as soon as you get to your house from the hot outdoors, you can start by switching on the fan while waiting for the air conditioner to reach optimal cooling temperatures.

Easy Installation
Another advantage of the whole house fans is the easy installation process that professionals from a reputable heating and AC company can flawlessly execute. It entails taking measurements of the attic or roof, the connection of circuit wiring, and mounting attic vents for ventilation. In addition, the installation procedure also requires a tight-sealing winter cover to ensure peak performance.

If you are alternating air conditioners and the whole house fan systems, the contractor will include a hinged door to facilitate fan opening and closing during the switch. In addition, the licensed and bonded technician will ensure the size and cooling capacity of the whole-house fans can adequately meet your cooling needs.

Environmentally Friendly
Unlike air conditioners that rely on ozone-layer-depleting refrigerant, whole-house fans are safer for the environment. Since whole-house fans pull air from outside to remove warm and polluted air inside your home, they pose no threats to your surroundings.

Disadvantages of Whole House Fans

Noisy Operation
Whole-house fans produce loud sounds due to poor installation from an unrecognized heating and AC company. A small-sized fan rotating at a higher speed also generates noise when operating. Since the sounds can be irritating and no one wants a nuisance in their homes, qualified technicians can dampen it using felt gaskets or rubber during installation.

The professionals can also suggest lowering the speed of the small-sized whole-house fans to reduce the sounds, which can affect their cooling capacity.

The Fans Can Lead to Backdraft
Lack of sufficient ventilation can lead to air backdraft in heating systems, including water heaters, gas-field dryers, and furnaces. The backdraft is dangerous because it creates carbon monoxide in your house, seriously threatening lives.

Windows Stay Open
Moreover, whole-house fans only work best when the windows are open, implying they cannot be helpful at night. You cannot close the windows because the unit pulls air from the outside. Once you close the windows, the system also stops.

Contact Us!

Call Just In Time for quality services if you want whole-house fans installed in your home. We are a heating and AC company with committed and licensed contractors offering numerous services, including installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining cooling and heating systems.


People who want to lower energy costs related to home air conditioners can opt for whole-house fans. The units are as efficient as the air conditioners in providing summer thermal comfort. They benefit users differently, as they act fast, cost less, and improve indoor air quality.

But, the fans also have downsides, such as noisy operations and creating backdrafts. They also operate only when the windows are open. Learning the pros and cons of the fans helps you make wiser purchase decisions.

For expert help, contact us at Just In Time.

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Why Have An Air Conditioning Service Expert Install A Wall-Mounted AC Unit

Why Have An Air Conditioning Service Expert Install A Wall-Mounted AC Unit

If you’re tired of sweating through the scorching summer months or constantly adjusting your thermostat, then it’s time to take control of your indoor climate with a wall-mounted AC system. Not only will it free up valuable floor space and improve the aesthetics of your home, but it also provides more efficient and targeted cooling. So say goodbye to your old, outdated AC system and say hello to a sleek and stylish upgrade that will have you feeling cool and comfortable all season long.

Benefits of Wall-Mounted AC Units

Wall-Mounted ACs Make Summers Easier

If the muggy summer days are making your house intolerable, calling a professional air conditioning service to install a wall-mounted AC could be the solution. Now that many people are working from home, this is becoming more of an issue for residents. If you plan to work from home or if your children will be home from school this summer, and if the current unit is inadequate for ventilation and heating, you should consider a wall-mounted system.

Wall-Mounted Systems Are Cost-Effective

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to cool your home, you should call an air conditioning company to install a wall-mounted system. These systems are common because they are less expensive than their window counterparts, centralized systems, and movable alternatives. In addition, the system’s maintenance costs are reduced significantly because contemporary wall units are typically very energy efficient. Although central HVAC systems have reduced running costs, a wall-mounted unit is the most cost-effective option due to its lower installation and maintenance costs.

Wall-Mounted AC Units Can Help You Save Space

Compared to other two-part systems, like central air conditioners, wall-mounted AC systems free up floor space for other uses. Ductless wall-mounted air conditioning systems are convenient for cooling off a single area, such as a bedroom or home office.

However, if you already have a central air conditioning system, you can have an air conditioning service expert install wall-mounted systems in rooms that need uniform cooling or don’t have air ducts. For instance, if you need to convert your attic into a bedroom or use the basement as a playroom. Ductless mini-split systems are now standard in most homes, making sunrooms comfortable year-round.

Wall-Mounted System Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Unlike bulky window AC units, wall-mounted ACs will not detract from the home’s decor. The modern wall-mounted air conditioner has a sleek design that allows it to be positioned inconspicuously in the room without blocking any natural light or the view from any windows. Thinner and more compact than their bulkier forebears, today’s wall-mounted devices are a technological marvel. As a result of this progress, incorporating a unit into a space need not compromise the existing furnishings.

When compared to installing a central HVAC system, which can cause significant disruption to the home’s decor, installing a wall-mounted unit is much less intrusive. An AC service expert can install a wall-mounted unit in minutes without disrupting your home’s aesthetic.

Wall-Mounted System Don’t Need Air Ducts

Most Illinois homes use wall-mounted or central air conditioning systems. Central air conditioners are convenient if your house already has ductwork, but a wall-mounted system is the better option if you don’t have ducts or can’t afford to have them installed by an AC service provider. This is because wall-mounted systems do not need air ducts. If you already have a central air conditioner, you can put one of these devices in a room that doesn’t have ductwork.

Wall-Mounted Systems Offer Flexibility

Wall-mounted air conditioners are convenient; you can choose from many different models. These appliances come in various shapes, sizes, power ratings, and prices from many well-known brands. You can also have an air conditioning service provider install a wall-mounted split system air conditioner. This appliance serves as a heater and air conditioner, eliminating the need for a second appliance. Since it is fixed in place, you won’t have to store your heater or portable air conditioner away during the off-season. Regardless of the season, you can easily maintain a pleasant room temperature with the help of this system’s adaptability. You can maximize energy savings and decrease electricity costs, even in the hottest months of the year, with the help of the timers and other sophisticated features available on many versions.

Wall-Mounted ACs Only Need to Be Installed Where They are Needed

Not every room in your house needs a wall-mounted AC system. Instead, you need only install them in the desired locations. For instance, if your basement is typically cool, an AC service provider can install them on the upper floors. Or, if you have difficulty sleeping, you may want an air conditioner mounted on the wall in your bedroom but not elsewhere.

Remember that a ductless heat pump air conditioner requires an external condenser if you decide to go that route. Condensers come in both single- and multiple-zone configurations. Therefore, a single ductless wall-mounted device can be serviced by a single-zone condensing unit. On the other hand, a multi-zone condenser should be installed by a professional air conditioning service provider if you want multiple wall-mounted units.

Wall-Mounted AC Units Can Boost Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your house can also be enhanced by having an AC service provider install a ductless wall-mounted AC. These systems have superior filtration capabilities and can rid your house of allergens like dust, pet dander, and pollen.

Although all ductless wall units have air filters, heat pump models typically have more effective ones. How they deal with condensation also makes them better for the air quality in your house. Condensation from a regular window or wall-mounted air conditioner collects in a pan and eventually flows away. Condensation from a central AC drips down the exterior wall, while condensation from a wall-mounted air conditioner seeps into the wall.

However, condensation from a wall-mounted heat pump model drains through a pipe to the exterior condenser. There is no danger of water seeping into unintended areas or mold growth inside the device.

Stay Cool with a Wall-Mounted AC System

Don’t sweat it out this summer! Contact Just In Time to install an efficient and reliable wall-mounted AC system in your home. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with top-notch installation services and ensure you stay cool and comfortable all season long. Contact us today to schedule an installation and beat the heat!

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