When Your Septic Tank Issues Require A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

When Your Septic Tank Issues Require A Plumbing Company | Newark, IL

Waste management is a critical aspect of any home. Thankfully, drains and the sewer system helps with that. The drainage system collects all the wastes from your home and uses the wastewater to carry the wastes to the sewer system or a septic collection tank. If you have a septic system in your Newark, IL home, you should ensure that it remains in a top condition to prevent overflows onto your yard. Like the drainage system, the septic system removes the wastes and water from your home. The waste and wastewater flow down the drains whenever you flush your toilet, and the wastewater enters the septic tank.

The water then will flow through the drain pipes, which empty into the empty drainage field, leaving the solid wastes within the septic tank. Inside the septic tank are bacteria that digest the solid wastes and decompose them. However, you must have a plumbing company pump the contents of your septic tank after every 3 to 5 years to ensure that the septic tank doesn’t overflow.

If the septic tank is not properly functioning, it might result in some plumbing issues in your yard. These issues include foul smell, overflows, and making the yard look unsightly. The best way to protect your yard and property and ensure that the septic system is efficiently functioning is by recognizing the signs that indicate a need to repair a septic tank. Below are some of these signs:

If Your Septic Tank Starts To Overflow Onto your Yard

Does your septic tank overflow whenever it heavily rains? Then you should have a plumbing company offer a septic tank repair and inspection service. If the tank has developed a crack, the rainwater gets absorbed and enters the septic tank through that crack, no matter how small it might be.

Eventually, this makes the wastes and the water overflow from the septic tank into your yard. This creates an unsightly appearance on your lawn or backyard and a nasty mess. Hence, you should schedule an appointment with your plumber to inspect and maintain the septic tank, including its pumping. The plumber will uncover any existing issue in the septic tank and take the necessary measures to fix it before it overflows onto your lawn.

Green Lush Grass Growing Around Your Septic Tank

Some homeowners spare no effort to keep their yard scenic and a sight to behold. They plant green grasses and even pour nutrients to ensure their compound is appealing. However, if you see the areas around the septic tank have lusher and greener grasses compared to the rest of your yard, that is not a great sign. Hence, you should make an appointment with a plumbing company for septic system inspection and repair.

Whenever the waste in the sewer system leaks, it does not necessarily have to overflow the yard. The sewer wastes can leak directly into the ground surrounding your septic tank. Because of the nutrients within, the wastes act as a fertilizer, making the vegetation and grasses around the septic tank lusher and healthier compared to the other parts of your yard. If you do not schedule a plumber for a septic tank inspection and repair swiftly, it will only take several months, days, or weeks for the wastes and water to begin pooling in your yard!

Pumping Doesn’t Help

As mentioned earlier, it’s recommended that you have a plumbing company in Newark, IL, pump the contents of your septic tank after every 3-5 years. However, this depends on the size of your family. For instance, if your family is big, you have to pump the contents for closer to three years, and if you live alone, you can pump the septic tank every five years.

So, what if the septic tank is pumped and water still fills? That could indicate that the septic tank has a crack where the rainwater is seeping through. The groundwater might fill the septic tank through that crack. Unfortunately, the more you pump it, the more the tank will fill with water. You should have a plumbing company send some professionals for septic tank repair whenever you observe this.

Your Drains & Tubs Are Slowly Draining

If only one drain at your home drains slowly, that isn’t a cause for concern. There may be a blockage in the drain that prevents the wastewater from freely flowing into the sewer or septic system. This is an issue that a drain cleaning service from a professional plumber can fix. However, the matters turn worse if all the drains at your home are slow. This is a probable sign that the septic system is the culprit.

The problem may be caused by a damaged pipe or maybe a problem with your septic tank. Instead of guessing, the best way of approaching the issue is to schedule an appointment with a plumbing company for a septic tank repair. Unless the plumber comes in for an inspection and septic tank repair, the water will continue to drain slowly. If the issue worsens, the wastewater might stop flowing through the drains, which is a particularly unsanitary situation.

Sewer Smell In Your Yard Or Home

Have you detected an uncharacteristic pungent smell in your yard or home? That may be a malfunctioning septic system. If your septic tank is properly functioning, the solid, liquid, and gasses are contained in the pipes and tank. Hence, call a plumbing company in Newark, IL, for septic system inspection and repair if you smell the sewer gas at your home or yard. This might be caused by a crack in the sewer lines or on the septic tank. Unfortunately, this might also result in sewer backup into your home.

The Tub, Sink, Or Toilet is Backing Up

If you’ve been ignoring that sewer smell at your home, it may be a matter of time before the tub, sink, or the toilets start backing up. This is a sign that your septic tank is overloaded and requires to be repaired. If you don’t call a plumbing company to repair the septic tank immediately, the overflow may flood your home, resulting in water damage and disease outbreaks.

A Reputable Plumber In Newark

A septic system is critical for your home and ensures sanitation. However, it might turn into issues that require to be addressed by a professional plumber. Hence, you must recognize the telltale signs that you need to call a plumbing company for the septic tank repair. If you need a reliable plumber to inspect and repair your septic tank, call us at Just In Time.

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