Why You Should Have A Plumber Install A TMV In Your Home | Hinckley, IL

Why You Should Have A Plumber Install A TMV In Your Home | Hinckley, IL

Dealing with sudden hot and cold-water streams is a bad experience that no homeowner would want to experience. It makes you uncomfortable or might even scald your skin, leaving you bearing the pain for several days. You might experience the situation in your bathtub or while taking a shower. However, this is a problem you can easily avoid by installing a thermostatic mixing valve, a common occurrence some years ago.

Are you building a new bathroom or kitchen? Or are you renovating or remodeling an already existing unit? Then you might want to consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve to prevent some inconveniences like those described above.

What’s a Thermostatic Mixing Valve?

This control valve regulates or maintains the set point or exact water temperatures when showering. The valve offers protection from sudden changes in the water supply to your shower. If another family member flushes the toilet or even turns on the kitchen faucet, the shower temperatures remain the same. The thermostatic mixing valve provides a direct response to the changes in the output temperatures to ensure that the person bathing isn’t exposed to danger. A thermostatic mixing valve is an integral part of any modern shower. Besides being safe, it is economical and convenient. It guarantees maximum showering pleasure while ensuring that your family and other bathroom users aren’t exposed to the risk of scalding. Hence, you should have a plumber install one to your plumbing system.

How Does the TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve) Work?

The TMV mixes the hot and cold water to achieve your preselected temperature setting and immediately reacts to fluctuations or changes in water pressure or temperatures. In case of any fluctuation, the TMV readjusts the water mix to ensure that the temperature or pressure changes don’t affect the current water temperatures. Hence, having a plumber install a thermostatic mixing valve in your home’s plumbing system can help ensure a comfortable shower.

Benefits of a TMV

The importance of TMV cannot be overemphasized. To ensure that you or your family members don’t experience the risk of scalding or burns, you are advised to have a plumbing expert install a TMV in your Hinckley, IL, home’s shower system. Below are the benefits of installing a TMV in your shower:

Protects You from Scalding

The comfortable temperature levels for everyone are different. What is suitable for you might be unbearable for another family member. Consequently, all family members must be allowed to set the water temperatures they feel comfortable bathing or showering in. Enlisting a plumber to install a thermostatic mixing valve in your shower will make this possible for your family members.

Prevents Thermal Shock

Thermal shock refers to the body’s reaction to a sudden change in water temperatures, whether cold or cold. A rapid blast of cold water might make the bather jump when showering in certain water temperature levels, such as hot water. This is the phenomenon called thermal shock. However, having a plumber install a thermostatic mixing valve will eventually prevent this from happening.

Inhibits the Growth of Legionella

Whenever the water temperatures are turned down to protect you from scalding and save on energy, there is a high likelihood of a bacteria called Legionella growing. This bacteria will expose you and your family to a nasty disease called Legionnaires, or bacterial pneumonia. Fortunately, having a reliable plumber install a TMV at your home will ensure that the water temperatures remain high to avert the development of such.

Eradicates the Inconsistency of Water Temperatures

Having a plumber install a thermostatic mixing valve puts an end to being unsure of the temperature levels you will be getting whenever you turn on the faucet. It is not a pleasant experience to anticipate washing your face with cool water. Instead, it finds that the water suddenly becomes uncomfortably hot or to expect a nice shower but rather see that you are splashed with ice-cold water. Installing a TMV will stop all of these events from happening.

Effective Safety Feature

A TMV can also be set to deliver or regulate the right water temperatures, no matter the circumstances or ongoing developments at your home. If the water temperatures become hotter than you had initially set, the TMV will automatically cut off the water supply. This feature is a solution in practice for preventing scalding. It acts as a safety feature to protect the children and the elderly, who might be unable to adjust water temperatures promptly. Hence, having a plumber install it in your Hinckley, IL, home is a welcome addition.

It Doesn’t Require Any Major Changes

Having a plumbing technician install a TMV doesn’t involve damaging your property or digging into the walls and tiles to reach the plumbing. They are cutting-edge technology that can be easily installed and completed within several hours. Therefore, you’ll be protected from various inconveniences and scalding.

Enhances Your Home Resale Value

Are you thinking of reselling your home shortly? Then having a plumber install a thermostatic mixing valve is among the renovations that, if carried out, will significantly enhance the resale value of your home. Since the bathroom is among the essential checklists when purchasing a home, homebuyers are willing to pay more when it is enhanced. Installing a TMV means selling your home at a reasonable price and faster since it will appeal to various clients. This is a critical upgrade if you plan to sell your home faster. Hence, you will make more profit on your resale.

Thermostatic mixing valves are an excellent addition to your home. Therefore, get a plumber to install one in your home and enjoy its many benefits, including protecting you and your family from legionnaires disease, protecting them from scalding, and increasing the resale value of your home. Do you want to install a TMV at your Hinckley, IL, home? Contact us at Just In Time.

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